37 ºC

Digitalising health

Life science Technology & Business Conference

19th – 20th June 2018

Stavanger Forum, Norway

Medtech  –  Biotech  –  Nutrition

Welcome to 37 °C in 2018

It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to the second edition of 37 ºC Life Science Technology & Business Conference to be held 19th – 20th June 2018 in Stavanger Forum in Norway.

The headline for 37 °C in 2018 is Digitalising health. In addition to plenary sessions there will be parallel sessions on Digitalising healthcare, Digitalisation in biotech, a Venture Session and Workshops on specific topics including nutrition. 37 ºC has a carefully crafted program, a stimulating exhibition, B2B meetings and venture session.


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37 ºC is an international business platform for industry, research and innovation;

  • Early-stage companies can meet international partners, customers and investors.
  • Investors can meet early-stage companies, co-investors and get market updates.
  • Industry, hospitals and care providers can meet technology companies, entrepreneurs and new talent.
  • R&D and academia can expose projects, access industry and investors.
  • Regulators can exchange with industry, R&D and academia. Furthermore, 37 ºC is an ideal opportunity for high profile political discussions.

Norway has one of the strongest and most admired health-related personal data registries and is a unique location for development of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications for the healthcare sector.

Value creation in the Norwegian life science industry doubled over ten years, reaching 50 billion NOK in 2014, and continues to grow rapidly. Seven of ten companies have launched new products during the last three years, and report 30% percent of revenues from these products.

Norwegian technology and capital – traditionally channeled into the oil and gas industry – is increasingly seeking opportunities in the fast-growing life science sector. Norway’s annual spending on R&D in healthcare exceeds 1 billion euro.

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37 ºC is an international business platform for industry and innovation.