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37 ºC presents an excellent occasion for participating in discussions, product demonstrations and networking, all leading to new business collaborations.

Presentations, panels and discussions will be aimed at providing you with commercial and academic output, stimulate economic and technological development, formation of new alliances for international cooperation, and spark the creation of new technology ventures and new investments

Speakers 2019

17th-18th June, Stavanger Forum


Bent Høie

Norwegian Minister

The Minister of Health and Care is responsible for hospitals, health services in the municipalities, general health care and mental health.

Norwegian ministry of health and Care services

Naeem Zahid

MD, PhD, Senior Business Developer

Naeem Zahid is a business developer at Telenor. He works with digitalization of work processes at hospital to increase efficiencies and reduce burden for patients.

Trained as a surgeon, PhD in public health and MBA, he has hands on experience with delivering both healthcare and developing new solutions.

His main interests are new technologies such as 5G and AI.


Kathrine Myhre


Kathrine Myhre established the health cluster Norway Health Tech (previously named Oslo Medtech) in 2009 and has since then been the CEO of the organization. Norway Health Tech was awarded NCE (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) by Innovation Norway’s cluster program in 2015 and received Gold Label-status by the European cluster organization in 2016 and is a non-for-profit member organization focusing on innovation in the health space.
She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oslo in political science and built on this for her Master degree in Political Science from the University of Reading, UK in 2001. She then went on to working with innovation strategies and business creation based on novel research from the University of Oslo (UiO) until 2008 – from 2004 until 2008 as the Director of Innovation at Birkeland Innovation (now Inven2), the technology transfer office at University of Oslo.
From 2008 she held the position as Director of Innovation at the company IT Fornebu. It was from this position the concept of Norway Health Tech was formed and launched in 2009.
Kathrine Myhre has initiated and led numerous strategic and innovative processes and projects, within a broad spectrum: conduction of creative processes, market analysis, business creation, handling of IPR, marketing and sales and facilitating financing of key projects and businesses.
Kathrine Myhre has over the years built a solid network in the health sector, nationally and globally, and is a renowned speaker in the field of health innovation and technology.

Norway Health Tech

Henrik Lund


Henrik Lund has a PhD in lipidology, post-doctoral training at UCSF, San Francisco, US. Henrik Lund served 10 years as Medical Director in AstraZeneca with leadership roles in drug development. 2005-2010 Vice President in AstraZeneca Clinical Development, overseeing global clinical trials. From 2010 CEO, Board positions in Norwegian biotechs, 2008-2018 in the Board/Chairman, Oslo Cancer Cluster, NCE. From 2014, CEO of Regenics AS, involved in tissue regeneration/wound treatment. 2017 EU Commision H2020 RIA expert.

Regenics AS

James Sargent

Managing Partner

RQR Partners

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can exchange with industry, R&D and academia. Furthermore, 37 ºC is an ideal opportunity for high profile political discussions.


can meet technology companies, entrepreneurs and new talent.

Early stage startups

can meet international partners, customers and investors.

Hospitals and care providers

can meet technology companies, entrepreneurs and new talent.


can exchange with industry, R&D and academia. Furthermore, 37 ºC is an ideal opportunity for high profile political discussions.


can exchange with industry, R&D and academia. Furthermore, 37 ºC is an ideal opportunity for high profile political discussions.

R&D and academia

can expose projects, access industry, investors, and new talent.

At the 37 ºC Lifescience you will

meet the top


Patient care best practices

Personal and custom treatments

Gene Tech

Artificial Intelligence utilization

Politics and Regulations

Big Data opportunities and pitfalls

Medicine and treatment laws

Personal and surgical robotics

Personalized data


Digitized medicine

Icons from Flatikon.com

- I really enjoyed the 37 °C meeting. Hope to see you again in 2019!

Nordic R&D Executive

37 ° C is an excellent venue to get acquainted with the Norwegian/Scandinavian healthcare ecosystem and build connections with its highly innovative and creative companies and individuals.

Pharma Partner of 37 °C in 2018

[..] We met exiting new contacts, including potential partners and customers, to expand our business network. [..] We are already looking forward to the 2019 edition of 37 °C Life Science.

Benjamin Dahle CEO and Vegard Thorset Våge Quality Manager, MicroA AS

International Audience

United States, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Luxenburg, Spain, Israel, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, France, Spain and more.

2019 The Smart patient:

Anita Moe Larsen fra Norway Health tech 37 degrees expo 2018

Patient digital security; Cambridge Analytica - can it happen in health?

The Smart Cancer Patient versus Artificial Intelligence?


Creating highways for international commercialization

Politics, laws and regulations


Bent Høie,
Norwegian Minister,
Norwegian ministry of health and Care services

Politics, laws and regulations

"Personalized medicine and large-scale data analysis has the potential to transform our health services in the years to come[..]"

[..] Cooperation across disciplines, sectors and countries is an essential part for success in order to achieve this and

this conference is a very good opportunity to build new networks"

Access international markets

"Very cool to connect here in Stavanger and seeing what they're building in terms of the new hospital, the Innovation Center, all the startup companies that are here and even some of the big companies and thought leaders around digital health and digitizing the hospitals of the future.

It's really great to connect with other like-minded leaders who are trying to transform medicine and transform healthcare from a digital perspective

Access international markets

Erik Halvorsen,
Director at TMCx Accelerator in 2018,
Texas Medical Center

About Norwegian health tech

Artificial Intelligence

Norway has one of the strongest and most admired health-related personal data registries and is a unique location for development of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications for the healthcare sector.

Rapid Growth and solid revenues

Value creation in the Norwegian life science industry doubled over ten years, reaching 50 billion NOK in 2014, and continues to grow rapidly. Seven of ten companies have launched new products during the last three years, and report 30% percent of revenues from these products.

Massive R&D spend

Norwegian technology and capital – traditionally channeled into the oil and gas industry – is increasingly seeking opportunities in the fast-growing life science sector. Norway’s annual spending on R&D in healthcare exceeds 1 billion euro.

The Experience

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Josep Carbó, Business Developer at Mediktor Corporation.


"37 ºC is an exciting opportunity for us to explore the market in Norway and in the Nordics in general. This is a market that it's very interesting for us as we see a lot of potential.

We think it is a very mature market and (that it's) ready for the digital transformation that is happening in healthcare"

Investors, R&D and Academia

"I expect great conversations wonderful presentations, meeting with people and the collaboration opportunities"

Investors, R&D and Academia

Saara Malkamäki , Specialist at Sitra – The Finnish Innovation Fund.

Early stage & Startups

Benjamin Dahle CEO and Vegard Thorset Våge Quality Manager, MicroA AS​

Early stage & Startups

We met exiting new contacts, including potential partners and customers, to expand our business network. [..]

[..]We are already looking forward to the 2019 edition of 37 °C Life Science"

Hospitals and careproviders

"[..]I found the conference very interesting and made a number of connections with biotech executives that I believe will lead to future interactions"

Coffebreak, snack and mingling in the exhibition

Mingling and networking in the Exhibition area


Get insights and connect with industry, academia and network with potential projects and employers

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