37 °C Conference & Exhibition, Stavanger, Norway: Start Networking!


Start Networking & Pre-Schedule Meetings before the Conference

The international Participants at 37 ºC represent the global life science community, who are eager and ready to explore and engage in business opportunities. 

Our free of charge online software enables the pre-scheduling and management of  meetings, and also enable you to profile yourself in a way that will attract potential partners and investors. Click here to Start Networking!

37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition is the ideal venue to meet with life science companies, seeking for new partners, investors and professional services.

Networking is the most cost-effective method of generating new business. The conference affords the perfect opportunity to meet life science companies and investors under one roof. Arrange meetings with colleagues around the corner and around the world maximizing your ROI.  

Please note that only Participants who have Registered to the Conference will be permitted access to the networking system.


 For more information, please contact:

 Arne Hansson Rannestad, General Manager
 tel.: +47 940 10 236, e-mail: arne@exceller.no


Stavanger,Norway_small Attractive hotel rates have been negotiated at the Clarion Hotel Energy, which is located ca 300 meters from the Conference Venue, which is ca 4,5 km from the charming and picturesque city center of Stavanger. You may book your hotel HERE

This is a great opportunity to explore the Fjords in the region, which are easily reachable. For more information on our website, CLICK HERE