37 °C Health Tech Conference in Stavanger – Tomorrow’s healthcare innovations today

Today we live in a technology rich, digitally enabled world that has influenced many aspects of our daily lives, such as how we shop, socialize and communicate, to mention just a few. However, the health and social care services have been lagging behind in adopting and utilizing health tech and innovation to support better care provision. 

Designed by the healthcare industry, for the healthcare industry. The conference looks at that year’s innovations in the area of health technology and presents new wellness apps and digital diagnostic tools.

We connect digital leaders and champions with world-leading health technology innovators, provide real-life case-studies and learnings from expert speakers, and make it easy for you to network with the people that matter – all designed to help drive digital transformation across the healthcare sector.

The day featured a series of presentations, discussion sessions and interactive networking to reinforce the 37 Degrees Conference’s vision for a more tech-driven medical representatives.

The 37 °C Health Tech : The Future of Healthcare, Digital, Data and Technology Conference is the latest in a series of events hosted by Stavanger Forum focusing on digital transformation and emerging technologies within the healthcare sector. The event will highlight:

  • The ambitions for the future of the healthcare as laid out in the latest policy
  • How data, digital and technology innovations can be implemented to improve care provision
  • Development of the digital, data and technology standards framework which will outline the key standards for clinical safety and use of data
  • Examples of where cutting-edge technologies are making a difference to patients, staff service users and carers

Take a look of the insights during today’s conference and panel discussion:

“We are professional in the field of diagnostics… we are ready for business… we are good in building machines” …”This is what we do today, this is the place where we find what to optimize…” – Helse Stavanger

“Great healthcare in the hands of all people” – Eyr

Check out here video bites and photos from today’s event. Don’t miss the event tomorrow!