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Technology & Business Conference & Exhibition 37C Life Science
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At the 37C Life Science 2018, to be held on 19 and 20 of June, national and international opinion leaders on digitalising health themes will discuss the main solutions to issues raised by the revolution underway in the sector.
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Christine Sagen Helgø Jon H. Kaspersen Frode Forland Henrik Lund MD, PhD. Bent Høie
Mayor of Stavanger Research Director, SINTEF and Co-Chair of 37 °C in 2018 MD, DPH, Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health CEO Regenics AS, VP Clinical Development MC AstraZeneca 2005-2010, Chairmann Oslo Cancer Cluster, NCE, 2008-2018, and Co-Chair of 37 °C in 2018 The Minister of Health and Care
Finn Holm Dan Shwarzman Emiel Janssen Marita Rodriguez Kathrine Myhre
Partner EY CEO, MindUP, the Digital Health Incubator PhD Stavanger University Hospital Ph.D. Biomedical Scientist and Engineer CEO Norway Health Tech
Thor Ole Gulsrud Richard F. Cowburn Rupert Osborn Jacob Bergsland Jens Nordahl
Research Director, MedTech at International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS) and Associate Professor in Health Technology at the University of Stavanger PhD, Responsible Corporate Affairs,Karolinska Institut CEO IP Pragmatics Limited MD, PhD Oslo University Hospital Vice President Sales & Marketing for Smartfish AS 
Alexander Wentzel Walter Stockinger Enrico Baraldi Ingrid Teigland Thomas Lindner
SINTEF Indutry, Dept. of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures, pan-European life-science venture fund based in Oslo Prof. Industrial Engineering & Management, Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University MD MBA  Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures MD, PhD, Director RAKOS (Regional Competence Centre for Emergency Medicine)
 37⁰C Life Science
Technology & Conference & Exhibition 
Nieves Cubo Mateo Saara Malkamäki Stavanger Forum, Norway Rajji Mehdwan Sjur Svaboe
Spanish National Research Council UCM/CSIC Specialist, Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund) June 19-20 2018 General Manager for Roche Pharmaceuticals in Norway CEO Biolink Group
Norbert Windhab Jan F. Nygård Steinar Thoresen Egil Greve
Vice President Strategic Projects, Evonik Business Line Health Care CIO, Department of Registry Informatics at the Cancer Registry of Norway MEET THE SPEAKERS Medical Director Abbvie CEO Kappa bioscience, Vitamin K-2
Anne Lise Waal Laurent M. Saunier Tamara Mansfeld Thorleif Jansen Einar Leirvik
CEO/CTO Attensi Head of Life Science department, VINNOVA Global Innovation Lead, Pfizer Corporate Strategy M.D. ,Medical Director,KRY DNV GL, Marine Cybernetics Advisory
Erling Nordbø Josep Carbó Bjarte Bøe Suzy Scholl Kirsten Haugland
Managing Partner, Aleap Alginate and Carrageenan R&D Manger, Managing Director FMC BioPolymer AS Head of welfare technology Coordinator of the RAIDs consortium (Rational Molecular Assessment Innovative Drug selection) and senior consultant in translational research for gynaecological cancers Head of the Research and Prevention Department at the Norwegian Cancer Society
Arne Blix Michael Gelinsky Sebastian Eckl Eulalie Landèche Gard Thomassen
CEO, Friend Software Corporation Prof. Dr., Professor and Head of Center for Translational Bone, Joint and Soft Tissue Research Dr. Med, Siemens Healthineers, Residency in Radiology and Neuroradiology, Enterprise Services R&D Scientist, Novadiscovery, pionner in in silico medecin (Lyon, France) Division Head for Research Computing Services, and Assistant Director at USIT
Joakim Sundnes Oliver Heinze Umair Aslam Morten L. Isaksen Trond Helgerud
Associate Professor and Chief Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway Acting director of the Department of Medical Information Systems of the University Hospital Heidelberg eHealth Lead, MSD Norway CEO, Bio-Me Alginate and Carrageenan R&D Manger, Managing Director FMC BioPolymer AS