37 ºC Life Science Technology & Business Conference – 20.06.2018

Yesterday , June 19, saw the successful opening of the 37 ºC Life Science conference and expo. Well attended sessions and positive feedback were the order of the day.

Below are some comments from our esteemed speakers who were happy to share their expertise and experiences with participants.


Dr. Norbert Windhab, leading the strategic project team for business and healthcare of Evonic Nutrition & Care.

Dr Windhab stated that this forum gives him the possibility to connect & understand where other people stand in digitalizing health, when asked what makes this event exciting.

His main message would be that Digitalizing Health for him is the evidence we have today in hand for a true paradigm shift, which is Prevention: If someone dries out you give him water and not necessarily drugs.

Dr. Norbert Windhab,Evonic Nutrition & Care

Mr. Eric Halvorsen, Director of Texas Medical Center.

Mr. Halvorsen mentioned that they have over 150 Healthcare Start-Ups at the institute, which they train and educate to develop their products.

His family is Norwegian so it is exciting for him to be at this event, and to connect with other like-minded leaders who are trying to transform medicine & healthcare from a digital perspective.

His main message is that Digital Future of Healthcare is here. The challenge is that there is so much amazing innovation going on, so many great start-up companies developing different products to help patients- Now it becomes a problem of how to stand out, how to differentiate. His message is: “Prove you’re different and show benefit”

Mr. Eric Halvorsen, Director of Texas Medical Center

Ms. Rajji Mehdwan, General Manager of Roche Pharma in Norway.

Ms. Mehdwan mentions that with her living in 7 countries really makes her appreciate this conference.

It is exciting that this event is bringing like-minded people together in one place. Having such a comprehensive program and great group of speakers on different topics in healthcare for two days and being able to learn from it is truly valuable.

Her main message is that we are at a pivotal point in healthcare, with technology clashing with health in a good way. “Look forward to great things.”

Ms. Rajji Mehdwan, General Manager of Roche Pharma in Norway


All the videos from the first day can be found here!