#37degreesConference – IMATIS Fundamentum 6 – Lightweight ICT platform and ecosystem is released

Announcing upgraded #IMATIS Lightweight ICT system and Ecosystem with more than 250 web applications. The Lightweight ICT system offers the customers in the hospital, municipality and private citizen a wide range of application and solutions. The system provides applications for clinical use, support services, logistics, messaging, alarm, tasks management, queue- and patient flow management, data insights, key performance dashboards and performance metrics, solution for patient engagement, sensors, remote monitoring and much more. We’ve packed the healthcare ecosystem with new features and experiences for #Patients, #Doctors, Nurses, Service staff, Clinical staff and Administrative staff. You can now use your PC, Mac, tablet, iPad or Smart Phone to run any application from the ecosystem.

The IMATIS Lightweight ICT platform and ecosystem provides an open and secured environment for digitalizing healthcare. It effectively integrates and interconnects data and knowledge from a global and diverse network of healthcare stakeholders. The platform includes new tools for users to develop HTML5 and JavaScript applications, without writing code. Staff can build their own functionalities and make instant use of the applications right out of their personal or role-based devices. The new IMATIS version 6.0. runs from Cloud or can be installed on premises.

With the IMATIS Lightweight ICT platform and ecosystem the company visions to foster innovation and collaboration across the healthcare space.

Imatis has open API and integrates already to several international key vendors in the space. This includes HER and HIS vendors as Cerner, DXC, DIPS, Allscripts, and Others. The platform also integrates to PACS/RIS and lab stakeholders by using HL7 or FHIR. We also integrate alarm and nurse call from Ascom, Best, Merlon, Hill-Rom, Rauland. In the building and facility area we integrate Honeywell, Service Works Global, Johnson and Johnson, ABB, Siemens with others.

Imatis is a “game changer” that provides real-time experience of decision support in an innovative and user-friendly way. The Company is out of Norway with subsidiaries and Partners worldwide. Imatis solutions has a Cisco validated design, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and the Lightweight IMATIS Fundamentum solutions is Azure ready.

The New Østfold Hospital in Norway is the only EMRAN 6 (HIMSS) certified hospital in Nordic, they use the IMATIS Lightweight platform and several apps on smart phone, tablets, patient self service kiosk, signage screens, electronic whiteboards etc. The Helse Vest Region in Norway is currently implementing the plattform, and will go live shortly. St. Olavs Hospital og Oslo Municipality is currently live with the new version. Several contracts for upgrades is already signed, so stay tuned for updated information.

Hear the CEO of IMATIS during #37DegreesLifeScience Conference 2018! Join us there!

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/imatis-fundamentum-6-lightweight-ict-platform-morten-andresen/