We encourage all attendees to book accommodation as soon as possible. Our preferred accommodation is Clarion Hotel Energy, which opened in 2014 and is located approximately 500 meters from the conference venue. Map: Click here. The Clarion Hotel Energy is the biggest hotel in the Stavanger Region. We offer attendees the following room rates:

Single room: NOK 1190,- incl. VAT
Double room: NOK 1290,- incl. VAT

Room rates include breakfast, free WIFI and access to the hotel gym.

To book your room, please email or call +47 51 34 78 00 or book online. Insert booking code “37” underneath date selection. The booking code “37” must be given to receive the above room rates. Learn more about Clarion Hotel Energy: Click here.

Stavanger – The city of natural highs

Breathtaking surroundings with beautiful fjords, mountains, and long, white beaches. As a former European Capital of Culture, Stavanger also boasts an impressive assortment of museums and cultural events.

If you’re lucky to have some extra time in Stavanger before or after the conference, please find below some of the most attractive options.
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Fjord Adventures

Hiking in the mountains along the fjords might do miracles to your business relations. And to your body, mind and soul. The fjords may also be approached by boat and helicopter.

Preikestolen – The Pulpit Rock

The Stavanger region has many scenic attractions, among them the Lysefjord and the world famous Preikestolen (“the Pulpit”). Preikestolen is one of Rogaland county’s most visited attractions, and one of the country’s most spectacular photo subjects. Preikestolen has been named one of the world’s most spectacular viewing points by both CNN Go and Lonely Planet. It rises 604 metres above the Lysefjord.

Preikestolen is easily reachable from Stavanger. The hike takes around four hours return trip and is around six kilometres. The hike starts from the parking (parking fee applies) by the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. Located here is a service facility with toilets. The hike consists of slightly hilly terrain with a difference of altitude of 350 metres.

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Rising 1,084 metres above the Lysefjord, Kjerag is the tallest peak of them all. This massive mountain has for ages been admired from the fjord, however during the last few years, it has become increasingly more popular to hike up to the actual mountain plateau.

Most people is satisfied with taking in the mesmerising views from the top of the mountain, however for some hikers the highlight seems to be taking one’s photo on the Kjerag boulder, this round chunk of a rock wedged into the crack of the mountain. Kjerag has also become a popular goal for mountain climbers and base jumpers.

The hike takes around 5-6 hours return trip and is around 10 kilometres long. The hike starts from the parking (fee) at Øygardstøl south of the Lysefjord by Lysevegen above Lysebotn. Located here is a service facility with toilets and tourist information. The demanding trail will take you up and down hilly mountaintops, and the difference of altitude is 570 metres.

More Attractions

For more attractions, visit the official website for the Stavanger region: Click here