We are excited to introduce you to 37 ºC where we will explore and aim to accelerate the innovations and trends that are shaping the future of healthcare systems and life sciences.

In 2017 we will explore future opportunities within the following topics:

– Immuno oncology
– Digital health, big data and personalised medicine
– Robotics
– Emergency medicine – early intervention
– Startup pitches
– How to invest in life science and how to succeed as CEO in life science tech companies

Please find below the Conference  Program.


08:30 09:25 Registration and Coffee

Plenary Session

09:30 09:55 Opening Show & Welcome Address WATCH VIDEO
09:30-09:33: Dance performance by Movimentum DC.

>Arne Hansson Rannestad, General Manager of 37 °C
>Christine Sagen Helgø, Mayor of Stavanger
>Marit Boyesen, Rector of the University in Stavanger
>Bent Høie, Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services

Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Ruti Alon, Founder and CEO of Medstrada, International Co-Chair of 37 ºC
09:55 10:35 Keynote WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector at University of Oslo
DESCRIPTION: Ole Petter Ottersen is a Norwegian physician and neuroscientist. He is Professor of medicine and currently serves as the elected Rector of the University of Oslo. From August 1st 2017 Ottersen will be the new Rector at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Ottersen graduated with the cand.med. degree at the University of Oslo in 1980 and with the dr.med. degree at the same university in 1982. He was a Research Fellow at the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Oslo from 1978 to 1983 and a prosector (i.e. reader) at the same institute from 1983 to 1992. He was promoted to Professor in 1992. He has been head of department of the Institute of Anatomy (1997–1999), Pro-Dean for Research of the Faculty of Medicine (2000–2002) and director of the Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience at the University of Oslo (2002–2009), a centre of excellence funded by the Research Council of Norway. In 2009, he was elected as the new rector of the University of Oslo. He attended the Bilderberg Group meeting in 2011.
Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Ruti Alon, Founder and CEO of Medstrada, International Co-Chair of 37 ºC
11:05 11:45 PANEL: The opportunity of simulation for enhancing team performance and managing risk of human error. WATCH VIDEO
>Tore Lærdal, CEO of Laerdal Medical
>Thor Adriansen, Manager at Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter
>István Szőke, PhD, Senior Researcher at Institute for Energy Technology / OECD Halden Reactor Project
Similarities and differences in how the technology is applied and what results are achieved.Laerdal Medical is a world leading provider of training, educational and therapy products for lifesaving and emergency medical care. The Laerdal Company was established in 1940.Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter (NCCH) has been selected by the Norwegian Air Ambulance for the delivery of simulator and training services for the helicopters. The NCCH will cooperate with other Nordic and International Helicopter operators within airborne emergency medicine, in order to develop the best overall crew training in this market.IFE is an international research foundation for energy and nuclear technology. IFE’s mandate is to undertake research and development, on an ideal basis and for the benefit of society, within the energy and petroleum sector, and to carry out assignments in the field of nuclear technology for the nation. The Institute strives for a more climate friendly energy system based on renewable and CO2-free energy sources.
Thomas Lindner, MD, PhD, Medical Director SAFER, Head of Regional Centre for Emergency Medical Research and Development at Stavanger University Hospital
11:45 12:25 How to succeed with a life science venture. Lessons learned. Success stories.
SPEAKER: Jonathan G. Lasch, PhD Executive Director of the Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering
DESCRIPTION: The Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering (AMI-USC) was established at the University of Southern California in 1998. Its mission is to help bridge the gap between biomedical innovation and the creation of commercially successful medical products to improve and save lives. The University of Southern California was selected because it is one of a small number of premier research institutions on which the nation depends for a steady stream of new knowledge, art, and technology. USC has nearly $700 million in annual research expenditures and has the largest graduate program in science, engineering, and health of all private research universities.
12:25 13:35 LUNCH & MINGLING
Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Sigurd Paulsen, Independent Advisor, Board Member of Sarsia Seed, Nordic Co-Chair of 37 ºC

13:3514:15PANEL: How to succeed to penetrate the market with new technology. How to develop top modern health services. Perspectives from different actors in the value chain. How is digital technology challenging established processes and procedures. WATCH VIDEO
>Elizabeth Jeffords, General Manager of Roche Norway
>Lars-Johan Frøyland, Director – Business Development at Norwegian Hospital Procurement (Sykehusinnkjøp HF)
>Petter Risøe, CEO Diffia
>Mats Carlin, Board Member of SINTEF TTO AS, Research Director at SINTEFDESCRIPTION:
Norwegian Hospital Procurement (Sykehusinnkjøp HF) has the strategic and operational responsibility for procurement to the hospitals.Roche is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives. The combined strengths of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics under one roof have made Roche the leader in personalised healthcare – a strategy that aims to fit the right treatment to each patient in the best way possible. Roche is the world’s largest biotech company, with truly differentiated medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and diseases of the central nervous system. Roche is also the world leader in in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and a frontrunner in diabetes management.Diffia is a Norwegian health tech company that creates innovative informatics solutions to help doctors and nurses improve patient care and safety.

SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. We create value and innovation through knowledge generation and development of technological solutions that are brought into practical use.

Thomas Hoholm, Associate Professor – Department of Strategy at BI Norwegian Business School

14:15 14:55 Pfizer – partner of choice.
SPEAKER: Nathalie ter Wengel, European Head External R&D and Innovation of Pfizer
DESCRIPTION: Pfizer Inc. is an American global pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City. It is among the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Pfizer develops and produces medicines and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines, including immunology, oncology, cardiology, diabetology/endocrinology, and neurology. Pfizer was founded in 1849 as a manufacturer of fine chemicals. Pfizer has made numerous acquisitions.
Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Sigurd Paulsen, Independent Advisor, Board Member of Sarsia Seed, Nordic Co-Chair of 37 ºC
15:25 16:05 PANEL: Investing in Life Science; How to do it right. Experiences. Success stories. Failures and lessons learned. Key technological trends. Investment criteria. WATCH VIDEO
>Asaf Iram, Investment Manager, GlenRock Group
LEERINK, Gabriel P. Cavazos, Director of Investment Banking
Morten Graugaard Døssing, Investment Director at Novo Seeds
Walter Stockinger, Dr, Managing Partner at Hadean Ventures
Founded by Leon Recanati in 2003, the GlenRock Group leverages a unique combination of the flexibility of private equity funding, multidisciplinary in-house expertise, unmatched access to quality deal flow, and a focused but flexible investment strategy to achieve maximum returns. With an access to a global network and the most prominent names in Israeli business, academia, and science, GlenRock is experienced at identifying Life Sciences and advanced technology opportunities – and leading them to realization of their true market potential.LEERINK Partners is a leading investment bank, specializing in healthcare. Our knowledge, experience and focus enable us to help our clients define and achieve their strategic, capital markets and investment objectives. We partner with companies that develop and commercialize innovative products and services that are defining the future of healthcare.Novo Seeds is a leading European early stage life science investor, which is part of Novo A/S the holding company of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which has approximately 45 bn EUR under management.Novo Seeds is committed to identifying, building and investing in biotechnology companies in Europe with the aim of creating groundbreaking solutions to the benefit of patients. As an early stage investor, we actively use our network, pre-seed grant program, and entrepreneur-in-residence program to create value for our portfolio companies from investment to exit. Novo Seeds invests around 25 m EUR annually and has a portfolio of 20 companies.Hadean Ventures’ passion is to make a real difference to patient lives across the world and help fight diseases and the suffering they generate. Our goal is to become a major contributor in the advancement of new treatments with impactful clinical benefits for patients worldwide. Our method is to take ownership stakes in thoroughly selected disruptive companies developing these treatments. Our people combine an in-depth knowledge of medicine and life sciences, extensive investment experience at prestigious venture capital funds and strong track record of operational and hands-on management of start-ups.
David Horn Solomon, Managing Partner of Sund Capital
16:05 16:20 SHORT BREAK

Parallel Session – Immunotherapy

Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Ruti Alon / Founder & CEO at Medstrada, International Co-Chair of 37 ºC
16:20 16:50 Keynote – Introduction to Immunotherapy. Update on current market trends and technology developments. Where is the future taking us. WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Øyvind Arnesen, CEO Ultimovacs
MD with 10+ years of clinical experience and 10+ years of experience from pharma industry with positions as Medical Director Norway (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Medical Director and Head of Clinical Operations Nordic countries in Boehringer Ingelheim. Member of The National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct in Norway. Board member of the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Industry Association.
16:50 17:10 MaSTherCell is developing a CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing platform, which will enable industrial and commercial manufacturing of cell therapy products, which have shown promising results in treating cancers. WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Jesse Trekker, Business Developer at MaSTherCell
DESCRIPTION: MaSTherCell is a dynamic and global group of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) on a mission to deliver optimized process industrialization capacities to cell therapy organizations, and speed up the arrival of their therapies onto the market. The heart of MaSTherCell is a team of 30 highly dedicated experts combining strong experience in cGMP cell therapy manufacturing with a technology-focused approach and a substantial knowledge of the industry. From technology selection to business modelling, process development, quality management and assay development, MaSTherCell’s teams are fully committed to helping their clients fulfil their objective of providing sustainable and affordable therapies to their patients. The company operates in a validated and flexible facility located in the strategic center of Europe within the Walloon healthcare cluster, Biowin. Worldwide renowned, the center hosts key players from the bio industry and offers a central, highly connected location. Masthercell has a global reach through its affiliates in Asia and Israel.

Parallel Session – Digital health, Big data, Personalised medicine

Hall: Lysefjorden. Moderator: Jon Harald Kaspersen, PhD Research Director at SINTEF
16:20 16:35 How Friend Unifying Platform can simplify IT infrastructure within healthcare, without compromising on user experience
SPEAKER: Terje Gausel, Chief Commercial Officer at Friend Software Labs AS
DESCRIPTION: The liquid software company – Friend Unifying Platform. We utilize the resources already available in existing operating systems and web browsers to deliver effortless integration of applications and data from any location to any device in one fluid user experience.
16:35 16:50 Image processing in medical applications
SPEAKER: Kjersti Engan, Professor at University of Stavanger
DESCRIPTION: Image processing and  machine learning in medical applications is a rapidly growing field.   Image processing is used as helping tools for medical doctors by visualization of data as well as (semi) automatic segmentation of regions of interest in medical images every day.  However the usefulness of image processing and machine learning in medical applications stretches far beyond segmentation and visualization, and it will become increasingly important in analysis and diagnostics as well.  Images in medical applications covers a broad range from ultrasound, X-ray, Magnetic resonance  (MR), and computer tomography (CT), but also images captured from ordinary video cameras used as sensors, where medical related information can be extracted by image and video processing.In this talk we will look into a couple of different example applications. We will look at extracting information from cardiac MR images and X-ray angiography used for diagnostic purposes. A completely different example is given in using the smartphone video camera with an app. developed to be used as a sensor during cardiopulmonary resuscitation  (CPR)  in an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest situation.  The smartphone app will use the camera to capture the rate and depth of heart compressions given during CPR, to provide real-time feedback to the dispatcher who is coaching CPR while waiting for the ambulance.

Social Event 

Location: Hall Toll, downtown Stavager
19:30 Social Event: We would like to invite You to an informal Social Event at Hall Toll, downtown Stavanger. Tastes of delicious Norwegian salmon cooked at 37 ºC will be served. Please join us and take the opportunity to meet with other Participants in a casual environment. Please register to the Social Event and Conference through our Registration Form. Link to map: Click here.

If you want to book a table for dinner at Hall Toll after the Social Event, please book Your table: Click here. Phone:+4751517232, Email: booking@hall-toll.no. Stavanger taxi: +4751909090.


08:30 09:00 Registration and Coffee

Plenary Session

Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Ruti Alon / Founder & CEO at Medstrada, International Co-Chair of 37 ºC
09:00 09:05 Opening Session
>Ruti Alon, Founder and CEO of Medstrada, International Co-Chair of 37 °C
09:05 09:35 Nordic Healthtech facts & figures: Strongholds and future potential. WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Erland Skogli, partner, Menon Economics
DESCRIPTION: Menon is an employee-owned consultancy operating at the interface of economics, politics and the market. We are 40 economists, one fourth of whom at PhD-level. Menon analyzes economic issues and provides advice to companies, organizations and authorities. We combine economic and commercial expertise in fields such as industrial organization and competitive economy, strategy, finance, organizational design and social profitability. We use research-based methods in our analyses and work closely with leading academics in most disciplines. Menon’s analyses provide a solid knowledge foundation for investment decisions and prioritizations in the public sector. We also have a framework agreement for the quality assurance of major public investments (QA-scheme) with the Norwegian Ministry of Finance.
09:35 10:05 Keynote – WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Anita Kåss, M.D. And Researcher
DESCRIPTION: M.D. Anita Kåss developed a new drug that is licenced to a Japanese pharmaceutical company for 800 million NOK. The medicine treats arthritis, psoriasis and MS.  This is the largest license agreement made by a Norwegian hospital to date.
Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Ruti Alon / Founder & CEO at Medstrada, International Co-Chair of 37 ºC
10:35 11:15 PANEL: The clinical trials aspects of market entry; comparing modus operandi in different countries; Impact of new EU regulations; The role that clinical studies plays in sustaining and building industry; Impact of digital technology, AI and personalised medicine. WATCH VIDEO
>Heiko von der Leyen, MD, CEO of Hannover Clinical Trial Center
>Britta Smedegaard Andersen Project Director of the Danish NEXT project
>Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, Executive Director of the Division for Innovation at the Research Council of Norway
>Jan Wende, Managing Director and Founder of mediq Innovation Experts
NEXT – National Experimental Therapy Partnership is a public-private partnership within clinical research consisting of the regions of Denmark, universities, twelve pharmaceutical companies and one GTS institute. NEXT will make Denmark the pharmaceutical industry’s first choice for early clinical trials of new drugs for patients and with particular focus on Proof of Concept trials. NEXT works hard to optimize all processes from start-up to close out of clinical trials, and here the optimization of legal and regulatory processes are highly prioritized.HCTC is an independent company, but as a coordination center for clinical research HCTC is closely linked to Hannover Medical School (MHH), a globally recognized academic institution. HCTC is a member of the Network of the “Coordinating Centres for Clinical Trials” (KKS Network) of university hospitals in Germany. HCTC coordinates and/or supports projects in clinical research and translational medicine. With more than 40 staff members, HCTC has been the professional and proven cooperation partner for patient-oriented clinical research since 2005.The Research Council of Norway serves as the chief advisory body for the government authorities on research policy issues, and distributes roughly NOK nine billion to research and innovation activities each year. The Research Council works to promote international cooperation and increase participation in the EU framework programme on research and innovation. The Research Council creates meeting places and provides a platform for dialogue between researchers, users of research and research funders.mediq is a strategy and innovation consulting firm for the German, European and Israel markets. The company specializes in supporting strategic vision clinical validation market assessment and development for companies focused on approval and commercialization of biomed / lifescience products into the European market. mediq has formed an alliance network in Europe including opinion leaders, clinical research organizations as well as validated commercial distributors supporting its analytical services offering a single source of support for European market approval and commercialization.
Birgitta Tunning eHealth Unit Leader Nordics in IBM
11:15 11:55 PANEL: National platforms for Innovation. How new technology powers innovation and drives commercialization. Success stories. Similarities and differences in structure, financing mechanisms and results. WATCH VIDEO
>Anssi Pulkkinen, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Social and Health, Finland
>Dan Shwarzman, CEO of MindUP Digital Health Incubator
>André Barkhald, Enterprise Architect at Sykehuspartner HF
>Erling Nordbø, Managing Partner at Aleap
Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) have established a partnership that will enable Finland to utilize Watson cognitive computing to help doctors improve the health of its citizens, and strengthen and develop the Finnish innovation and business ecosystem in the fields of health and well-being. IBM intends to establish a Watson Health Center of Excellence in Finland, the first Nordic Healthcare Competence Center, and the first National Imaging Center of Excellence outside the United States in Finland. These centers are expected to employ 150 people over the next few years.Sykehuspartner HF has the overall responsibility for ICT, HR and procurement services to all hospitals in Helse Sørøst which includes the hospitals in West Agder Aust-Agder Telemark Vestfold Buskerud Østfold Akershus Oslo Hedmark and Oppland. Sykehuspartner HF’s mission is to provide and operate services within ICT HR and procurement. Sykehuspartner HF has ca. 1400 employees and is one of the Nordic region’s largest companies in this field.MindUP, Haifa’s Digital Health Incubator, is a joint venture of Medtronic, IBM, Pitango Venture Capital, Impact 1st Investments and Rambam Medical Center, in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of the Economy. MindUP aspires to be the leading hub of digital health innovation in Israel. It will translate disruptive technologies and cultivate new product concepts into leading Digital Health ventures, with the goal of transforming the delivery and quality of healthcare worldwide.Aleap – We provide expertise, infrastructure capital and network to health startups. We want to help create successful health companies in Norway and globally.
Thomas Anglero, Director of Innovation at IBM Norway
11:55 13:05 LUNCH & MINGLING
Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Sigurd M. Paulsen / Independent Advisor, Board Member of Sarsia Seed, Nordic Co-Chair of 37 ºC
13:05 13:45 A doctor, inventor and frustrated engineer.  The development of an international medical innovation company and the tale of the Snoring Lady. WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Dr. Malcolm Russell, CEO Prometheus Medical Ltd
DESCRIPTION: Established in 2005, Prometheus Medical is a specialist medical company delivering unrivalled, emergency medical support in the form of medical training, equipment, strategic advice and deployed clinical care, individually tailored to meet customers’ specific needs.  The company has subsidiaries in UK, Ireland, Middle East (Qatar and UAE), South Africa and Australia. The Prometheus Group also includes:  Prometheus DeltaTech – an innovation team developing medical products for the pre-hospital and emergency medical fields. Their latest subsidiary company Prometheus Medical Nordic was established in Stavanger 2016.
Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Sigurd M. Paulsen / Independent Advisor, Board Member of Sarsia Seed, Nordic Co-Chair of 37 ºC
14:15 14:55 PANEL: How the robots will conquer the world. WATCH VIDEO
>Ole Jacob Elle, Head of Technology Research, The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital
>Egil Utheim, Founder of Mektron Robotics AS
>Adrian Dayani, Head of Global Technologies, I-Tech Services at Subsea7
>Bernt Øyvind Børnich, Co-Founder and CEO of Halodi
Cross-industry panel on robotics. Impact of robotics in respective industries. Outlook and predictions for the future. Common challenges and learning from each other.The Intervention Centre is a research and development centre for image guided and minimally invasive therapy at Oslo UniversityHospital and Faculty of Medicine at University of Oslo. The centre was established in 1996 to create a link between clinical practice, applied- and basic research in the fields pertaining to minimally invasive and image guided therapy.Mektron is developing robotic systems for healthcare applications. Mektron has developed a shower system for people with physical handicap. Mektron has also developed a ultrasound probe with which medical personel may perform diagnostics on pasients on remote locations.Subsea 7 is a world-leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor to the offshore energy industry. A proven leader in innovative remote subsea intervention engineering and autonomous solutions.Halodi’s vision is to provide a vast number of robots to the mass market. We believe the time is right for Eve, a robot that is affordable for ordinary people with strength and reach to do useful work. Our concept is that of simplified but capable and very high quality mechanics paired with a cloud “brain” that enables very advanced data processing cross learning and continuous upgrading of the functionality.
John Mulholland, Partner & CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics
14:55 15:20 Releasing the power of patients: Patient Innovation Platform. WATCH VIDEO
>Dr Helena Canhão, Professor of Rheumatology at NOVA Medical School, Lisbon
>Dr Pedro Oliveira, Associate Professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics
>Dr Tatiana Iakovleva, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Stavanger Business School
>Arild Kristensen, Head of the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster
>Professor Elisabeth Willumsen, University of Stavanger
Patient Innovation Platform is a free, open and multilingual online platform, that promotes the posting and sharing of innovative solutions developed by patients, caregivers and collaborators to cope with a challenge imposed by any kind of disease or health condition. This project is the result of multidisciplinary research, which involves the areas of Management, Health Sciences, Engineering and Law. It is led by Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, in partnership with Instituto de Medicina Molecular, University of Lisbon and NOVA Medical School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Carnegie Melon University. Recently University of Stavanger, Stavanger Business School and Norwegian Smart Care Cluster joined the initiative. Research indicate that 8% of solutions that patients can come with are “new to the world”, but only 5% of solutions are shared with others namely medical doctors. The Platform was established in 2014 to replay to this challenge. Today it presents over 800 innovative solutions from 40 different countries. In order to continue development of platform, regional partnerships are crucial. Norwegian Chamber of Patient Innovation invites potential partners who might contribute to this project for collaboration.
15:20 15:30 SHORT BREAK

Parallel Session – Emergency medicine – early intervention

Hall: Mastrafjorden. Chair: Sigurd M. Paulsen / Independent Advisor, Board Member of Sarsia Seed, Nordic Co-Chair of 37 ºC
15:30 15:55 Keynote – Introduction to Emergency Medicine – Dignostics and Interventions of the future. WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Thomas Lindner, MD, PhD, Head of The Regional Centre for Emergency Medical Research and Development (RAKOS) at Stavanger University Hospital
DESCRIPTION: Thomas Lindner, MD, PhD is an experienced anesthesiologist with main focus in prehospital medicine, with a background in research and pedagogic. In the later years I play a major role in developing and implementation of advanced prehospital medicine. I am the medical director of the simulation center SAFER and the head of RAKOS the regional competence center for acute medicine in western Norway.
15:55 16:15 Chest injuries – novel ways to diagnose and treat them. WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Nils Petter Oveland, CEO of Prometheus Medical Nordic
DESCRIPTION: Trauma is one of the leading causes of death worldwide (5.1 million deaths in 2010) and accounts for one in every 10 deaths. Pneumothorax (i.e. air within the chest cavity) and haemothorax (i.e. blood within the chest cavity) are the most common injuries after chest trauma. Prompt diagnosis and immediate treatment is needed to prevent patient death. The majority of patients can be managed non-operatively with a chest seal, needle thoracentesis or insertion of a chest tube to drain blood and air surrounding the heart and lungs. The introduction of the Russell Chest SealTM and Russell PneumofixTM has simplified and improved the treatment of open pneumothorax and tension pneumothorax, respectively.
16:15 16:35 Saving more lives with drones. WATCH VIDEO
SPEAKER: Huw Scott, CTO of Astralution
DESCRIPTION: We are dedicated to transforming the innovative drone technologies combined with advanced IT solutions into practical solutions, for improving people’s lives today.

Parallel Session – Robotics

Hall: Lysefjorden. Moderator: Mats Carlin, Board Member of SINTEF TTO AS, Research Director at SINTEF
15:30 16:00 AutoMed – Automation within Specialized Care
SPEAKER: Gaetana Sapienza, Ph.D., Head of Operations at SynerLeap powered by ABB, Senior Scientist at ABB Corporate Research, Sweden
DESCRIPTION: AutoMed is initiating and managing innovation projects based on healthcare needs. The target is to strengthen the healthcare sector with industry solutions in order to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction, create sustainable healthcare systems and guarantee equal access to healthcare.
Globally, dedicated clinics spend considerable time on repetitive, manual and administrative tasks. Experiences from with other sectors such as process industry has shown great potential to significantly reduce costs and increase quality. The estimated impact of the introduction of automation and robotics solutions in the healthcare sector is significant. The challenge is to evaluate the possibility of increasing process automation within the hospital’s overall capacity and operations.
The ambition goes beyond traditional initiatives by combining expertise from healthcare with classic industrial/automation initiative, medical technology, metrology and gaming. The project consortium consists of Karolinska Hospital, Akademiska Hospital, ABB, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Swedish Medtech, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut and SMEs.
AutoMed outcomes are expected to improve specialist healthcare efficiency by 20% (reduced costs per patient), five years after completion, and even higher in a long-term perspective.
16:00 16:20 Robi-X – A cobotics codevelopment programme
SPEAKER: John Mulholland, Partner & CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics
DESCRIPTION: UV Disinfection Robot; A collaborative robot to help reduce Hospital Acquired Infections.
16:20 16:40 A new approach to robotics for human robot cooperation and interaction
SPEAKER: Bernt Øyvind Børnich, Co-Founder and CEO of Halodi
DESCRIPTION: Halodi Robotics is building Eve, a full size humanoid robot with strength and dexterity like a human. She is aimed at disrupting physical work in general and has many applications within life-sciences.

If you’re lucky to have some extra time in Stavanger before or after the conference, we highly recommend a fjord adventure: Read more