YOUNG 37 °C is being developed in partnership with Start UiS.

YOUNG 37 °C is a program that reflects the values in context of 37 °C Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition mixed with the values of Start UiS as an organisation. During this program we want to build a platform between the students and the business community, where relevant lecturers and businesses will participate, especially for students with interests within innovation and entrepreneurship. We want it to work as a casual and laid back platform for students, where they can meet the business community and build a solid network.  There will be several skilled lecturers with great knowledge and experience within life science technology and innovation.

The program is exiting and entertaining for all students with a dream of creating something one day or for those who want to build a network with future employees.


Moderator for the YOUNG 37 °C Program that takes place in the Lysefjorden Hall, is Sean Paul Shanor – Cofounder & CEO of SynergySpace.



Day 1 – June 6th


Doors open




Opening ceremony. Hall: Mastrafjorden


-Christine Sagen Helgø, Mayor of Stavanger

-Marit Boyesen, Rector at the University of Stavanger

-Bent Høie, Minister of Health and Care Services


Keynote Speaker. Hall: Mastrafjorden

-Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector at the University of Oslo

Ole Petter Ottersen is a Norwegian physician and neuroscientist. He is Professor of medicine and currently serves as the elected Rector of the University of Oslo. He is also chairman of the board of the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions.


How to mingle? Hall: Lysefjorden

-Inger Tone Ødegård, Director of Strategy at Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

Inger Tone Ødegård is a talented lecturer who has been working together with many important members of the business community through an exciting career. Here, she is going to lecture us on the art of mingling. The lecture is both entertaining and educational, and the audience will be able to acquire important features when it comes to selling yourself in a job interview. She will share useful experiences and reveal the secrets on how to get good at mingling.



– Light snack and coffee


– Tore Lærdal, CEO of Lærdal Medical. Hall: Lysefjorden

Lærdal Medical is a world leading provider of training, educational and therapy products for lifesaving and emergency medical care. Representatives from the company will present a central issue in the Norwegian health and social services in the form of a case-exercise. Students will, in cooperation with the business community, solve the case task and present it.

14:00 -14:45

– Max Gouchen. Hall: Lysefjorden

Max Gouchen has been a full-time entrepreneur for the last 5 years and will lecture on entrepreneurship, young leadership, how to get started and how to secure your first customers. Max Gouchen has been involved in launching ClickLift, Ibsen Coffee Group, Mess&Order and Trolldeig, making him one of the youngest and most talented entrepreneurs in Norway.


– Max Gouchen. Sean Paul and Sjur Birkevold Hall: Lysefjorden

Max Gouchen, Sean Paul ad Sjur Birkevold will discuss aspects of being an entrepreneur. As well established entrepreneurs, Max and Sean will answer questions about challenges to overcome as an entrepreneur, which mistakes to avoid and which activities to focus on in order to succeed. The group is happy to discuss the topic with the crowd.


Coffee and mingling


– Øyvind Arnesen, CEO of Ultimovacs. Hall: Mastrafjorden
Introduction to Immunotherapy. Update on current market trends and technology developments. Where is the future taking us?


– Vered Caplan, Director of MaSTherCell. Hall: Mastrafjorden

MaSTherCell is developing a CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing platform, which will enable industrial and commercial manufacturing of cell therapy products, which have shown promising results in treating cancers.

Dag 2 – June 7th


Doors open


-Anita Kåss, M.D. And Researcher. Hall: Mastrafjorden

M.D. Anita Kåss developed a new drug that is licenced to a Japanese pharmaceutical company for 800 million NOK. The medicine treats arthritis, psoriasis and MS.  This is the largest license agreement made by a Norwegian hospital to date.




-Erling Nordbø, Managing Partner at Aleap. Hall: Lysefjorden

Aleap is a newly founded health incubator that provide expertise, infrastructure capital and network to health startups. They want to help create successful health companies in Norway and globally. The initiators behind Aleap are Oslo Medtech, Inven2 and Oslotech. Aleap makes a custom-built scheme specifically for your business and gives you the cutting edge expertise you need for each stage of development. Aleap is looking for newly established companies that want to develop tomorrow’s products and services in medicine and health technology. During the conference, Aleap will talk about innovation and startups in health.


-Norwegian Smart Care Cluster. Hall: Lysefjorden

NSCC is a cluster with more than 90 companies and 30 municipalities/government institutions as participants. The purpose of the cluster is to become a recognized player in welfare technology, create increased competition through innovation platform, secure market benefits through sharing knowledge and making it easier to reach the international market.

At 37°C Young, NSCC will talk about an exciting and newly established project. This project will be announced June 7th and will be of great relevance to students who wish to establish something on their own or want cooperation on an idea. This platform will be unique and provide major benefits in future collaboration in welfare technology.


Lunch and mingling


Open dialogueHall: Lysefjorden

– Dag Husebø, Deputy Rector at the University of Stavanger

 – Svein Skeie, Research Director at Stavanger University Hospital

Here, we are gathering representatives from both the University and the hospital. A political decision has been made on the construction of a new hospital at the University. This is a very comprehensive decision that will greatly affect the University.

How will this decision affect the University and the need for innovative technology in health? What changes do we want to see in the business community locally and regionally in terms of health technology?

What kind of situation will this put the University in?

There are many questions to be answered, and there will be a dialogue where students can ask the representatives and get competent answers. During the dialog, they will also share reflections and experiences on how students and business can benefit from having hospitals and universities near each other.


Sean Paul Shanor – Cofounder & CEO of SynergySpace

“(Startup) Life Lessons from an Oil Brat”

Sean Paul Shanor is a Norwegian-American globetrotter who grew up and worked across Asia, the Middle East and America, with a decade of management experience operating pro golf events in Dubai and India. At 30, he returned to Norway seeking inspiration and a paradigm shift, became sparked by attending his first ever Startup Weekend, and has been actively enabling entrepreneurship in others ever since.

He’s cofounded a number of startups, champions lean methodology, and loves to ask “Why?” – over and over again. In 2016, he lead and energized over 150 participants through 4-week accelerator programs that resulted in 16 companies. Now he facilitates Startup Weekend’s worldwide, gives inspirational talks, and just launched a company, SynergySpace.

“(Startup) Life Lessons from an Oil Brat” aims to motivate and inspire others through his story and a handful of fun lessons around finding your passion, thinking boldly, and getting a job (or creating your own dream.


-Start-up competition. Hall: Lysefjorden

One of the highlights of the 37 ºC Life Science Tech Exhibition is the startup companies, providing exposure and business development opportunities for innovative tech startups.

Startups will also have the opportunity to apply to participate in the Startup Competition. The ten finalists who will be selected to give an oral presentation for the Startup Competition Jury, will enjoy additional exposure and stand a chance win the Startup Competition.


Start UiS is an organisation that works to initiate innovation and entrepreneurship among students. We work as a meeting point for students who want to build a company on an innovative idea, and function as a platform between them and the business community. We would like to contribute with

  • Networking
  • Knowledge within creation of a business
  • How to build up an idea