37 °C Health Tech Conference in Stavanger – Tomorrow’s healthcare innovations today

Today we live in a technology rich, digitally enabled world that has influenced many aspects of our daily lives, such as how we shop, socialize and communicate, to mention just a few. However, the health and social care services have been lagging behind in adopting and utilizing health tech and innovation to support better care provision. 

Designed by the healthcare industry, for the healthcare industry. The conference looks at that year’s innovations in the area of health technology and presents new wellness apps and digital diagnostic tools.

We connect digital leaders and champions with world-leading health technology innovators, provide real-life case-studies and learnings from expert speakers, and make it easy for you to network with the people that matter – all designed to help drive digital transformation across the healthcare sector.

The day featured a series of presentations, discussion sessions and interactive networking to reinforce the 37 Degrees Conference’s vision for a more tech-driven medical representatives.

The 37 °C Health Tech : The Future of Healthcare, Digital, Data and Technology Conference is the latest in a series of events hosted by Stavanger Forum focusing on digital transformation and emerging technologies within the healthcare sector. The event will highlight:

  • The ambitions for the future of the healthcare as laid out in the latest policy
  • How data, digital and technology innovations can be implemented to improve care provision
  • Development of the digital, data and technology standards framework which will outline the key standards for clinical safety and use of data
  • Examples of where cutting-edge technologies are making a difference to patients, staff service users and carers

Take a look of the insights during today’s conference and panel discussion:

“We are professional in the field of diagnostics… we are ready for business… we are good in building machines” …”This is what we do today, this is the place where we find what to optimize…” – Helse Stavanger

“Great healthcare in the hands of all people” – Eyr

Check out here video bites and photos from today’s event. Don’t miss the event tomorrow!

37 °C Business Conference 2019 : B2B Networking

Start Networking & Pre-Schedule Meetings before the Conference
37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition is the ideal venue to meet with life science companies, seeking for new partners, investors and professional services. 

The international Participants at 37 ºC represent the global life science communitywho are eager and ready to explore and engage in business opportunities. 

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Please note that only Participants who have Registered to the Conference will be permitted access to the networking system.


For more information, please contact:
 Arne Hansson Rannestad, General Manager
 tel.: +47 940 10 236, e-mail: arne@exceller.no

37 °C Business Conference 2019 Scale Up your Business



The abstracts will be reviewed by the members of the Investor Panel who will select the companies to give an oral presentation in the 37 ºC Venture Session. 
Ten finalists will be selected to present in front of the Investor Panel and the audience.

Questions to be answered in the abstract:

Investment Rational

Medical or commercial need

Core Technology

Product Profile/Pipeline

Development plan                   


Abstract Submission Deadline

May 31, 2019

Submit abstract 

And, if chosen, pitch for:


For more information, please contact:

Arne Hansson Rannestad
General Manager
Cell: +47 940 10 236
Hege Kristin Mellemstrand
Project Manager
Cell: +47 913 89 668

37 °C Business Conference 2019 : Preliminary Program

We are excited to introduce you to 37 ºC Business Health Tech Conference where we will explore and aim to accelerate the innovations and trends that are shaping the future of healthcare systems and life sciences. And we would like to present you the Preliminary Program for the Third edition of 37°C taking place 17-18 June 2019 in Stavanger.
37grader.Anita Moe Larsen from Norway Health tech
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37 °C Business Conference 2019 Increasing your options

Increase your visibility and don’t miss the chance to get your company’s brand in front of hundreds of health tech executives. 37 ºC is an International business place for industrial development & innovation within health tech & life science.
Arrange meetings with colleagues around the corner and around the world and maximize your ROI. Find your new partners & sponsors at 37 °C. Arrange meetings with colleagues around the corner and around the world and maximize your ROI. Find your new partners & sponsors at 37 °C.

Building the future of life sciences and health tech?  37 ºC  BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2019



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Building the future of life sciences and health tech? 



The quickest way to expand your opportunities, choices, access to high level networks and “door openers”: 
  Join us for the 3rd edition of 37 °C
17th – 18th June 2019 – Stavanger, Norway

    • Cross disciplinary conference where you will meet fellow leaders, scientists, politicians, key players, groundbreaking technologies, startups, facilitators, ideas and creators of the next advancements and solutions in health technology.
    • Early-stage companies meet potential international partners, customers and investors.
    • Investors meet promising early-stage companies, co-investors and get market updates.
    • Industry, hospitals and care providers meet promising technology companies, entrepreneurs and new talent.
    • R&D and academia can expose projects, access industry and potential investors.
    • Regulators and facilitators can exchange with industry, R&D and academia. 
17-18 June 2019
Stavanger, Norway
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37 °C Health Tech 2019: Save the Date!




It is a great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the third edition of 37 ºC Health Tech Business Conference to be held 17th – 18th June 2019 in Stavanger Forum in Norway. 37 °C is recognised for its content and high level participants and is growing in size and relevance for each edition.

The headline for 37 °C in 2019 is The Smart Patient. The 2019 edition is proud to present a carefully crafted program for the Plenary Sessions – with exciting Keynotes and Panel Discussions. In addition there will be Venture Sessions, Exhibition, Workshops, One-to-One meetings and social program.

June 2019
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The #conference that takes the temperature of the #digitizedhealthindustry


Digitizing is a part of our health life, and those who analyze trends and user behavior also see a range of opportunities that both change and personalize the #healthcaresector in many different ways. #Digitization was the headline for the year’s #37-degree #LifeScienceconference in #Stavanger. Find out more about event!


Konferansen som tar temperaturen på den digitaliserte helseindustrien

Digitalisering av er en del av helsehverdagen vår, og de som analyserer trender og brukeratferd ser også et hav av muligheter som både endrer og personaliserer #helsesektoren på mange ulike vis.

Digitalisering var overskriften for året #37grader #LifeScience-konferanse i Stavanger.

Teknologi hjemme og ute

-Hva gjorde du sist du kjente på symptomer?

Josep Carbó fra selskapet Mediktor Corp fra Spania/USA stiller forsamlingen det enkleste av alle brukerspørsmål. Men usikkerheten brer seg i salen. Hadde han spurt «Hva bør du gjøre når du kjenner symptomer?» så hadde alle visst svaret, men når spørsmålet er «Hva gjorde jeg?»

Carbó kjenner godt atferdsmønsteret vårt. Handlingsmønsteret vårt er som følger: De aller fleste ringer sin mor først, før de googler, før de eventuelt drar på legevakten, før de bestiller en time hos legen. 70 prosent av oss verken oppsøker eller kontakter en lege for å få et kvalifisert råd eller en vurdering av symptomene.

-Mediktor er en robot som i løpet av få minutters dialog tolker dine symptomer og gir deg et råd om hva du bør gjøre; oppsøk sykehus, ring fastlegen, gå å legg deg – slike forslag. Mediktor forteller deg ikke hvilken sykdom du har, men gir deg et medisinsk faglig råd. Vi kommer nok aldri til å trumfe nr 1 på din ringeliste, men målet er å komme inn på listen før Google. Vi vet nemlig også at når folk få valget mellom en sikker kilde og en rask kilde, så velger de den raske. Det er Google raskest, men på langt nær den sikreste. Derfor har vi laget en AI-symptomtolker, sier Carbó.


TETTERE PÅ PASIENTEN: Josep Carbó, nr 2 fra venstre, i selskapet Mediktor bringer AI-doktoren helt inn i stua til pasienten. Thorleif Jansen, medisinsk direktør i KRY, nr 5, utvikler videokonferanser. Alle deltok i parallellseminar om hvordan teknologien driver fram nye helsetjenester. Diskusjonen ble ledet av Arild Kristensen, daglig leder i NSCC, (stående)

For det er en mitch-mash mellom den teknologien som de informerte og aktive brukerne har i sin hverdag, og den helsevesenet tar i bruk i dialog med pasienter og brukere. Som 2018-mennesker er vi mer eller mindre ubevisst vant til at teknologien faktisk vet ting om oss, og at algoritmer personifiserer forslag og valg.

Derfor var også et av hovedpunktene i parallellseminar om AI og velferdsteknologi og om hvordan teknologien driver fram tjenester og service i helseverden.

Det svenske selskapet KRY er en annen teknologibedrift som utvikler løsninger som bringer legen hjem til deg, istedenfor omvendt.

-Jeg er lege og spesialist i familiemedisin. Det vi si; jeg var en frustrert lege som ønsket meg bedre verktøy til pasientflyt. KRY driver med videokonferanser mellom helsefagfolk og pasienter, også i Norge. Selskapet er drevet fram av helseutdannede folk og ingeniører, sier Thorleif Jansen, medisinsk direktør i KRY.

Lærerik konferanse

Stavanger forum er leid inn til Life Science-konferansen som ble arrangert for andre gang. Konferansen retter seg særlig mot internasjonale og nasjonale aktører innen med.tech og har både et messeområde og et svært innholdsrikt faglig program med foredrag, debatter/samtaler og workshops, i år med et fokus på digitalisering. Hovedseksjoner, parallellseminar og workshop fra tidlig formiddag til ettermiddag, var tettpakket med interessante foredragsholdere, både innen forskning, med.tech og generell helseindustri.

Stavangers ordfører Christine Sagen Helgø ønsket deltakerne velkomne sammen med helseminister Bent Høie (H) som stod for den offisielle åpningen av konferansen.

Konferansen hovedforedragsholder var Erik Halvorsen, direktør for TMCx Accelerator innovation institute på Texas Medical Center. Han holdt en gripende og personlig innledning som satte den økonomisk, sterke helseindustrien i perspektiv om hva det hele egentlig handler om.


SPØRSMÅL: Engasjerte deltakere i salen spurte panelet spørsmål om deres #velferdsteknologiløsninger.


STANDS: Selskap fra inn- og utlandet hadde tatt oppstilling i messeområde på konferansen #37grader #LifeScience for å snakke om sine løsninger.


MINGLING: En viktig ingrediens på en konferanse er at folk møtes og diskuterer løsninger

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster and Norway Health Tech had a common position of 37 degrees Life Science

SAMMEN: Norwegian Smart Care Cluster og Norway Health Tech hadde fellesstand på 37 grader Life Science.

Anita Moe Larsen fra Norway Health tech 37 degrees expo 2018

KLYNGE: Anita Moe Larsen fra Norway Health tech

Arne Rannestad initiator for 37 degrees Life Science

HELT SJEF: Arne Rannestad (t.v) er initiativtaker og ansvarlig for 37 grader Life Science. Her sammen med en tysk kollega.

Source: https://www.smartcarecluster.no/aktuelt/2018/6/konferansen-som-tar-temperaturen-p%C3%A5-den-digitaliserte-helseindustrien




37 ºC Life Science Technology & Business Conference – 20.06.2018

Yesterday , June 19, saw the successful opening of the 37 ºC Life Science conference and expo. Well attended sessions and positive feedback were the order of the day.

Below are some comments from our esteemed speakers who were happy to share their expertise and experiences with participants.


Dr. Norbert Windhab, leading the strategic project team for business and healthcare of Evonic Nutrition & Care.

Dr Windhab stated that this forum gives him the possibility to connect & understand where other people stand in digitalizing health, when asked what makes this event exciting.

His main message would be that Digitalizing Health for him is the evidence we have today in hand for a true paradigm shift, which is Prevention: If someone dries out you give him water and not necessarily drugs.

Dr. Norbert Windhab,Evonic Nutrition & Care

Mr. Eric Halvorsen, Director of Texas Medical Center.

Mr. Halvorsen mentioned that they have over 150 Healthcare Start-Ups at the institute, which they train and educate to develop their products.

His family is Norwegian so it is exciting for him to be at this event, and to connect with other like-minded leaders who are trying to transform medicine & healthcare from a digital perspective.

His main message is that Digital Future of Healthcare is here. The challenge is that there is so much amazing innovation going on, so many great start-up companies developing different products to help patients- Now it becomes a problem of how to stand out, how to differentiate. His message is: “Prove you’re different and show benefit”

Mr. Eric Halvorsen, Director of Texas Medical Center

Ms. Rajji Mehdwan, General Manager of Roche Pharma in Norway.

Ms. Mehdwan mentions that with her living in 7 countries really makes her appreciate this conference.

It is exciting that this event is bringing like-minded people together in one place. Having such a comprehensive program and great group of speakers on different topics in healthcare for two days and being able to learn from it is truly valuable.

Her main message is that we are at a pivotal point in healthcare, with technology clashing with health in a good way. “Look forward to great things.”

Ms. Rajji Mehdwan, General Manager of Roche Pharma in Norway


All the videos from the first day can be found here!


Grand Opening of 37 degrees Life science Business Conference & Expo 2018

37 ºC Life Science Business Conference and Exhibition officially opens its doors today, 19.06.2018, at Stavanger Forum, Norway. The headline for 37 °C 2018 is Digitalising health. This year, 37 ºC offers not only a very comprehensive program, but also a very interesting exhibition, B2B meetings online as well as onsite and venture sessions for sponsors, poster presentations and much more. In addition to plenary sessions, there are parallel sessions on Digitalising healthcare, Digitalisation in biotech, a Venture Session and Workshops on specific topics including Nutrition.

The conference has been opened with welcoming words by Mr. Arne Hansson Rannestad, the General Manager of the 37 °C Event, Ms. Christine Sagen Helgø, the Mayor of Stavanger and Mr. Bent Høie, the Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services. The co-chairs are Dr. Jon Harald Kaspersen, PhD, Research Director at SINTEF & Mr. Henrik Lund, CEO Regenics AS, Chairman Of The Board Oslo Cancer Cluster 2008-2018.

Co-chair-37ºC-Jon Harald Kaspersen, PhD, Research Director at SINTEF

The keynote speaker in this exciting first day of the conference is Mr. Erik Halvorsen, Director at TMCx Accelerator (Texas Medical Center).  Also not to be missed are the panelists, featuring Ms. Rajji Mehdwan, General Manager of Roche Norway.

Panel-discussion-37-degrees-event-Rajji Mehdwan, General Manager Roche Norway, Roche

Looking ahead we expect a strong continued growth from the life science industry in Norway with new Start-ups entering this market every year, and some of them given the opportunity to do so through the 37 ºC event. As a third party, the conference and exhibition offers access to qualified speakers, cost effective meetings with leading companies and purchasing of supplies as well as world class expertise in the fields of digital medical opportunities. In addition, the event provides customers & investors with a full overview of how their money is spent. The Exhibition is the first and only health tech development and innovation initiative which is open to everyone. Connect with our community of researchers, professors, international tech companies; meet developers and entrepreneurs creating innovative business models and solutions.

Get hands-on experience and share ideas by becoming a part of this movement that is launching new applications to benefit you. Our supporting partners will be there to answer your questions and hear your ideas are as follows: Norway Health Tech, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, The Life Science Cluster, Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Research Council of Norway, Greater Stavanger, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, NHO, The German-Norwegian Handelskammer, The Stavanger Kommune, Stavanger Region, Start UIS, Biotalk, Beijing Agents, Stavanger Forum, Kenes Exhibitions and Exceller.

Meet the leaders in the industry directly at the event – Azets, Roche, Pfizer, DNV GL, Takeda, Abbvie, University of Stavanger, Centre for Digital Life of Norway.

Don’t miss the next exciting stage of the Conference and join us again tomorrow!

To see all the photos from the first day, visit the GALLERY OF 37 ºC LIFE SCIENCE EVENT!