37 °C Conference & Exhibition 2018, Stavanger, Norway: Venture session



Oral Presentation during Investor Panel at 37 ºC Event

Companies raising capital will also have the opportunity to apply for the Venture Session. The Venture Session will take place on June 19th at 15:00. The Venture Session will be open to all participants. Companies will have 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for Q&A by the Investor Panel and the audience.

Deadline for submission31st May.

Investor Panel:

  • Walter Stockinger, MS, PhD / Managing Partner at Hadean Ventures
  • Asaf Iram / Managing Partner at GlenRock Group
  • Farzad Abdi-Dezfuli, PhD (Pharmacol) / Partner in Sarsia Seed Management AS
  • Dan Shwarzman / CEO of MindUP Digital Health Incubator
  • Martin Klint Hansen / Director, Novo Nordisk​
  • Investinor / N.N.
  • Martin Svangtun / Chairman, Online Logistics AS (Investor Panel Coordinator)

How to participate:

Companies are kindly requested to submit an abstract. To fill in the abstract, please use the submit button below.

Further details and abstract submission instructions online: https://37degreescelsius.net/venture-session/.

imageedit_90_5097880359 Attractive hotel rates have been negotiated at the Clarion Hotel Energy, which is located ca 300 meters from the Conference Venue, which is ca 4,5 km from the charming and picturesque city center of Stavanger. You may book your hotel HERE.

This is a great opportunity to explore the Fjords in the region, which are easily reachable. For more information on our website,


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37 °C Conference & Exhibition 2018, Stavanger, Norway: Start Networking!



When: 19-20th June 2018
Where: Stavanger Forum, Norway

Start Networking & Pre-Schedule Meetings before the Conference

The international participants at 37 ºC represent the global life science community, who are eager and ready to explore and engage in business opportunities. 

Our free of charge online software enables the pre-scheduling and management of  meetings, and also enables you to profile yourself in a way that will attract potential partners and investors. Click here to Start Networking!

37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition is the ideal venue to meet with life science companies, and to seek new partners, investors and professional services.

Networking is the most cost-effective method of generating new business. The conference affords the perfect opportunity to meet life science companies and investors under one roof. Arrange meetings with colleagues around the corner and around the world, maximizing your ROI.  

Please note that only participants who have registered to the Conference will be permitted access to the networking system.


 For more information, please contact:

 Arne Hansson Rannestad, General Manager
 tel.: +47 940 10 236, e-mail: arne@exceller.no
imageedit_90_5097880359 Attractive hotel rates have been negotiated at the Clarion Hotel Energy, which is located ca 300 meters from the Conference Venue, which is ca 4,5 km from the charming and picturesque city center of Stavanger. You may book your hotel HERE.

This is a great opportunity to explore the Fjords in the region, which are easily reachable. For more information on our website,


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Registration is Now Open! – 37°C Life Science Business Conference and Expo


Digitalising health
Life science Technology & Business Conference
Medtech  –  Biotech  –  Nutrition

19th – 20th June 2018 | Stavanger Forum, Norway 


Register today and be among the leaders in the field at 37 °C Life science Technology & Business Conference.

Preliminary Topics:
  • Pricing and access to new drugs, treatment and technology – what is the value of my life
  • Unifying primary and secondary healthcare, and bringing the doctor to your living room with technology
  • In silico medicine – digitalising clinical trials
  • Utilizing Norwegian health registries for technology development; BigData and personalized medicine – opportunities for both corporates and startups.
  • Incentivising commercialisation of research and new inventions
  • Utilising personal health and patient data in perspective of ethics and security – sharing is caring?
  • 3D printed human tissues
  • AI and machine learning – the doctors best friend?
  • Remotely controlled surgery versus remotely controlled drilling
  • Are new antibiotics the solution to the AMR threat?
  • Re-thinking healthcare; pharma and digital technologies

In addition to plenary sessions there will be parallel sessions on Digitalising healthcare, Digitalisation in biotech a Venture Session and Workshops on specific topics including nutrition.

We look forward to welcoming you at this ground-breaking event with many opportunities for presentations, discussions, workshops, B2B networking and more.

For more information, please contact us:
Arne Hansson Rannestad,  General Manager, Cell: +47 940 10 236, arne@exceller.no 
Hege Kristin Mellemstrand, Project Manager,  Cell: +47 913 89 668, hege.kristin.mellemstrand@stavanger-forum.no

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Minister of Health Bent Høie is tired of all the pilot projects

Minister of health, Bent Høie, visited the 37 °C Life Science Tech Conference on Tuesday, and met Håvard Bakke from Robot Norway.

Jostein Løvås



Minister of health, Bent Høie, believes that the Norwegian health care providers must soon embrace robots and information technology before the demographic wave of elderly people hit us with full force.

He is in the exhibition area at the health technology conference 37 °C in Stavanger and looks at a robot that Håvard Bakke from Robot Norway would like to sell to the health care providers.

Health Minister Bent Høie believes that the implementation of new technology in the health sector that he leads, must go much faster than today.

“I’m getting bored by all the pilot [project]s. I say that in the health service there are more pilots than in the airline companies Norwegian and SAS combined. The challenge is that there are very few of them that actually take off and fly because the health care sector is not able to adapt new technology and improve efficiency, “says Høie.

An example of a pilot project

For example, Høie refers to a pilot project in Stavanger, Oslo and Sarpsborg for the follow-up of chronically ill patients. One of the solutions is that chronically ill patients with lung disease are equipped with technology that allows for the patients to test themselves every day and that gives them feedback on their health conditions.

“It has led to a reduction in the use of hospitals and emergency services and home services of between 20 and 30 percent. It has improved the health of the patients. They say they have better health and better life. So it is a solution that both reduces the need for personnel and improves the health of the patients, “says Høie.

“Using this type of technology is not a pilot project anymore – it has been tested in a number of projects, showing positive results. I hope it will become the new norm.

Robots, not clammy hands

Some of the background for the conference here in Stavanger is that the oil city wants to grow in other sectors now as the oil industry is hit by crisis. Health is a priority area, something everyone from mayor Christine Sagen Helgø to top manager Tore Lærdal in Laerdal Medical talks about at the 37 °C conference in Stavanger Forum. Høie promises plenty of business opportunities for inventive oil technicians that will take on the healthcare industry.

“Yesterday’s solutions are not sustainable in terms of demographic development and disease development. It will require too many people. It is not possible to solve future health challenges in the same way as today, says Høie.

He believes robots for example can do routine tasks and give patients a sense of coping with life.



Source: https://www.dn.no/nyheter/2017/06/06/1726/Helse/-jeg-begynner-a-bli-lei-av-alle-pilotene


Winner of the Startup Competition

After the pitching session on June 7th the jury selected Excitus as the winner of the Startup Competition at 37 °C.

Excitus develops medical devices for professional paramedic use: http://www.excitus.no.


The first prize is private meetings with Hadean Ventures and Glenrock Group.

A total of 9 startup submitted their Abstracts in order to take part in the startup competition at 37 °C: AbleOn Medical, iNANOD, CealTech, Dronera, Excitus, MinMemoria, SmartCrowding, PainMonitor, Neuralblock Technology.

iNANOD, Excitus, Dronera and CealTech took part in the pitching session in front of the jury consisting of Henrik Lund / Chairman Oslo Cancer Cluster (Head of Jury), Arve Grude / Senior Manager in EY, Asaf Iram / Investment Manager, GlenRock Group, Sjur Svaboe / Founder and CEO of Biolink Group and Medpalett, Medox, Nadine Sobotzki / Associate with the Life Science Team at MERCK VENTURES, Dan Shwarzman / CEO of MindUP Digital Health Incubator, Walter Stockinger / Dr Managing Partner at Hadean Ventures.

We congratulate Excitus with the victory, thank all startups for participating – and wish all the best of luck!


Co-founder of Excitus, Per Reidar Ørke is congratulated by the Head of the Jury, Henrik Lund, Chairman Oslo Cancer Cluster.



#Official #Opening of the First #37 ºC #Life #Science Technology Conference & Exhibition in #Stavanger

The Norwegian Minister of Health, Mr. Bent Høie meets with Arne Hannson Rannestad, General Manager of 37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition, before the opening of the conference.


Today, 06.06.2017, sees the start of the first 37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition in Stavanger. General Manager Arne Hannson Rannestad opens the session by delivering greetings to participants.


The Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø, welcomes delegates, speakers and sponsors to the first 37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition, an international business platform for industry and innovation.


At  37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition in Stavanger, Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector at University of Oslo, explores the links and similarities between health and oil industry, starting in 1859 with the pioneers Edwin L. Drake (drilling the first well for oil) and Charles Darwin (On the Origin of Species).


Panel discussion covering similarities and differences in how technology is applied and the results achieved. 37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition is the perfect forum for industries to exchange expert ideas and experiences. From the left István Szőke, PhD, Senior Researcher at Institute for Energy Technology / OECD Halden Reactor Project, Thor Adriansen, Manager at Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter and Tore Lærdal, CEO of Laerdal Medical.



From #Clinical #Development to #Commercialization with a Single Source of Support


Many #healthcare companies choose #Europe for initial commercialization obtaining CE first prior to US launch due to reduced time and costs to the market.

Germany as the largest European healthcare market offers the perfect platform to gain local evidence and roll out the concept into the other EU markets. However, for foreign companies it is difficult to understand the critical regulatory and marketing roadmaps leading to a successful introduction of a product in Germany and Europe.

Foreign companies often require an experienced team to drive the process from clinical development to commercialization. Hannover Clinical Trial Center (HCTC) and its partner mediq Innovation Experts have established a streamlined program to support foreign medtech or biotech companies for their early entry into Germany and Europe. This program has already shown a successful implementation in terms of successful market entry of products from international companies.

Our hub provides a single source of support with a successful track record of more than 11 years experience and over 15 successful technology introductions. In the past, we have supported various international companies by:

  • Defining the business opportunity in Europe
  • Developing both the local clinical and business strategy
  • Determining and allocating key opinion leaders as well as clinical centers
  • Identifying, assigning, and supporting the best matching commercial partner


Meet with Us at #37°C Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition

Jan Wende (mediq Innovation Experts) and Prof. Heiko von der Leyen (Hannover Clinical Trial Center) will be holding a panel together at 37 °C. We are looking forward to meeting you in Stavanger next week.


Mediq is a strategy and innovation consulting firm for the German, European and Israel markets. The company specializes in supporting strategic vision, clinical validation, market assessment and development, for companies focused on approval and commercialization of biomed/lifescience products into the European market.

Hannover Clinical Trial Center, founded in 2005, is an academic Contract Research Organization dedicated to provide clinical trial management services and early product development support. HCTC combines the clinical expertise and academic leadership of Hannover Medical School, a premier German university hospital, with the full-service operational capabilities of a contract research organization.



For more information and registrations:

Arne Hansson Rannestad 


Mob:       +47 940 10 236

Email:      arne@exceller.no

Web:        www.exceller.no

Skype:     arnehanssonrannestad
Development of the 37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition 6th-7th June 2017 Stavanger Forum in Norway is in partnership with Stavanger Forum and Kenes Exhibitions.


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37 ºC opens in one week! Register now!


37 ºC opens in one week! Register now!


The Official Conference Program is now online for you to view: Click HERE

Networking arranged like never before!

Under one roof, Hi-tech and Biomed join hands, and offer participants a varied and interlinked program with the participation by leaders in both fields.

37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition is the ideal venue to meet with life science companies, seeking for new partners, investors and professional services.

Comprehensive Program and new Speakers every day!

The 37 ºC Event has a carefully crafted Program and a stimulating Exhibition. The international

participants attending 37 ºC represent the global life science community, who are eager to explore and engage in business opportunities.

The program is full of highlights with Invited Speakers, Company Presentations and High-profile Panels.

Startup Startup Competition!

The 1ST Prize for the Winner of the Startup Pitch

Competition will be Private Meetings with Hadean Ventures and Glenrock Group.

10 Startup Companies will be selected to pitch for the high-profile Jury. Companies will have 5 minutes.

to pitch and 5 minutes for questions and answers.


For more information, please contact:

 Arne Hansson Rannestad, General Manager
 tel.: +47 940 10 236, e-mail: arne@exceller.no 
Norway, Stavanger, aerial view Attractive hotel rates have been negotiated at the Clarion Hotel Energy, which is located ca 300 meters from the Conference Venue, which is ca 4,5 km from the charming and picturesque city center of Stavanger. You may book your hotel HERE

This is a great opportunity to explore the Fjords in the region, which are easily reachable. For more information on our website, CLICK HERE


Cealtech: Ready for mass production of supermaterial


The Norwegian company Cealtech will start production of graphene – a material that can be important in everything from oil and gas to electronics, solar, medicine and spacecraft.

“It sounds like a material that will be a major revolution for new material technologies in the future,” says Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg.

She newly met the Norwegian company that will soon mass-produce the super material graphene – known to be the thinnest and strongest material that has been created, with the potential to revolutionize a number of industries.

After the meeting Solberg said that it is important that we are able to develop new technologies.

“Norway is a country that is very good at material technology. It has been a priority since the early 80’s.

Super material

The material with a number of unusual characteristics, one of them being that it is 200 times stronger than steel, but very flexible, was first isolated by physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov in 2004 – with the help of a fairly common piece of tape and graphite.

The two later won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work with graphene.

The structure of the material is only one atom thick, based on carbon-shape graphite, with qualities that allow applications that span from industries such as oil and gas to electronics, solar, medicine and spacecraft.

– It’s a supermaterial. If we can find large-volume applications for graphene at sufficiently low prices, we will enter into a new age, says Lars Helge Helvig.

He is the largest owner and Acting General Manager of the Stavanger-based company Cealtech.


Prime Minister Erna Solberg met Cealtech in Oslo last Tuesday. From right: David Boyd at Caltech University, Technical Manager Marius Andreassen Jakobsen in Cealtech and Acting General Manager in Cealtech, Lars Helge Helvig.





Cancer in the family led Bjørn Rune Gjelsten into ownership in the cancer vaccine company Ultimovacs

Dagens Næringsliv; www.dn.no; lars.solem@dn.no


Cancer in the family led Bjørn Rune Gjelsten into ownership in the cancer vaccine company Ultimovacs. The company is now attracting interest from “big pharma” players and the company valuation is approaching 1 billion NOK.

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten had a personal reason to go into Ultimovacs. Now, the company that develops cancer vaccine based on immunotherapy can also prove to be a very good investment.

“The reason I entered was that I had cancer in my family. My father got sick and I got in touch with an environment around the Radium Hospital, says Gjelsten, who lost his father with prostate diagnosis a couple of years ago.

The company was in an early phase and faced a capital tire. So far, Gjelsten has invested NOK 30 million.

“Although I had a personal entrance, it’s no more money than it would be okay to lose,” he says.

As the development of the vaccine goes through different phases, the value of Ultimovacs also rises. Gjelsten Holding holds 35 percent of the shares.

“Now there is interest from large industrial players from big pharma and the Norwegian investor communities.

Strengthens the immune system

By means of immunotherapy, the body will be equipped to to fight the cancer cells.

One of the unanswered questions is how the vaccine works in combination with other medications in order to attack the cancer cells. This has aroused the interest of pharmaceutical companies with well-established cancer medicine. Immunotherapy and traditional medicine can attack the cancer from two angles, so-called duo treatment.

“The traditional medicine may weaken and passivate the cancer, while immunotherapy activates the immune system so that the body may attack the cancer by itself.

A real breakthrough will be if the vaccine can be used preventively against vulnerable groups.

– US authorities are now looking into whether the vaccine can be used proactively, Gjelsten adds.

Stock exchange for similar company

Ultimovacs is compared to another fast-growing immunotherapy company, Targovax, which has already reached a face value of NOK 1.1 billion on the stock exchange. The share price of Targovax has risen 120 percent since January last year.

Jonas Einarsson, Managing Director of the Radium Hospital Research Foundation, believes the two companies have clear resemblances and confirm that immunotherapy vaccines developed in Norway have become interesting for drug giants.

– The Vaccines that these two companies develop are made on the same platform, but have different types of attacks. I have to say that the clinical results are encouraging, but it takes time. I am an optimist for both companies, says Einarsson, who is in the board of both companies.


Ultimovacs will give a presentation in the Conference Program at 37 °C,

on June 6th.

Source: http://www.dn.no/nyheter/2017/05/15/2101/Industri/kreftvaksine-kan-gi-superavkastning-for-gjelsten