Creating highways for international commercialisation; EU and USA

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17th-18th June, Stavanger


Kathrine Myhre


Kathrine Myhre established the health cluster Norway Health Tech (previously named Oslo Medtech) in 2009 and has since then been the CEO of the organization. Norway Health Tech was awarded NCE (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) by Innovation Norway’s cluster program in 2015 and received Gold Label-status by the European cluster organization in 2016 and is a non-for-profit member organization focusing on innovation in the health space.
She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oslo in political science and built on this for her Master degree in Political Science from the University of Reading, UK in 2001. She then went on to working with innovation strategies and business creation based on novel research from the University of Oslo (UiO) until 2008 – from 2004 until 2008 as the Director of Innovation at Birkeland Innovation (now Inven2), the technology transfer office at University of Oslo.
From 2008 she held the position as Director of Innovation at the company IT Fornebu. It was from this position the concept of Norway Health Tech was formed and launched in 2009.
Kathrine Myhre has initiated and led numerous strategic and innovative processes and projects, within a broad spectrum: conduction of creative processes, market analysis, business creation, handling of IPR, marketing and sales and facilitating financing of key projects and businesses.
Kathrine Myhre has over the years built a solid network in the health sector, nationally and globally, and is a renowned speaker in the field of health innovation and technology.

Norway Health Tech

Jim Sargent

Managing Partner

RQR Partners

Martin G. Friedrich

Dr. Med.

Senior Physician Heart Surgery, Senior Physician Thoracic Surgery, Head of Clinical Research and Development, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery; User Integration & Innovation Management; Development University Hospital, University Medical Center Goettingen, Georg-August-Universität

1990: Medical studies at the University of Göttingen and clinical research as a student in cardiac surgery; 1996: approbation as physician; 1996: Promotion in cardiac surgery; 1996-2011: assistant physician and specialist in the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the University Medical Center Göttingen; 2005: Specialist in cardiac surgery; 2008: Specialist for thoracic surgery; 2011: Senior Physician at the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the University Medical Center Göttingen; 2018: Certificate Medical Didactics; Main areas of research: organ protection and extracorporeal circulation, blood flow optimization, turbulence-free suction to maintain the integrity of the blood,Influencing surgical performance, communication systems in high-tech environment; therapeutic Light-Application; 2018: Head of clinical research and technical development and user integration & innovation management for Development University Hospital, University Medical Center Goettingen

Georg-August- Universität Göttingen

Lilian Wikström

Chief Executive Officer

Karolinska Institutet Innovation AB

Jan Wende

CEO and founder

Mediq Innovation Experts

Inge Hovd Gangås

Investment Director

Inge Hovd Gangås is an Investment Director with SINTEF Venture, the venture capital arm of the SINTEF Foundation. The SINTEF Foundation is one of the largest independent research institutes in Europe with 2 000 employees from 75 nations performing contract research for Norwegian and international industry. SINTEF Venture invests in deep tech start-ups from SINTEF, NTNU and other Norwegian research institutes. He has worked with technology transfer and early stage technology start-ups for more than 15 years as investor, founder and in CEO and COO capacity for more mature start-ups. He holds a MSc in Materials Science from NTNU and an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Sintef TTO / Sintef Ventures

Peter Alberius

PhD, Head of International Business Development

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

Relevant issues/questions:

What can you offer to international Partners, related to i) R&D, and; ii) Innovation

What can you offer to international technology ventures, related to i) market access, ii) investors, iii) clinical trials, iv) other

What are your interests/desires/demands related to international Partners?

How would you like to start?

Which institutions, companies and goverment entities do you bring to the table?

Finne de riktige hub'ene og financing mechanisms

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