The smart patient

The coming of "the smart patient" is inevitable, and it's impact will become more and more profound for both the patient, and the surrounding healthcare providers, government and R&D.

Explore the different perspectives and ideas of the future from some of our expert speakers:

Henrik Lund


Henrik Lund has a PhD in lipidology, post-doctoral training at UCSF, San Francisco, US. Henrik Lund served 10 years as Medical Director in AstraZeneca with leadership roles in drug development. 2005-2010 Vice President in AstraZeneca Clinical Development, overseeing global clinical trials. From 2010 CEO, Board positions in Norwegian biotechs, 2008-2018 in the Board/Chairman, Oslo Cancer Cluster, NCE. From 2014, CEO of Regenics AS, involved in tissue regeneration/wound treatment. 2017 EU Commision H2020 RIA expert.

Regenics AS

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Although [ general..] the smart patient is a positive concept, but I would start of with thinking that the smart patient is the weak part in opposition to the health care system and in interactions with healthcare personell

Dennis Quan

PhD, Principal

Dr. Dennis Quan is Principal at Instafor LLC, helping companies and entrepreneurs to apply machine learning and enterprise software design practices in the healthcare/life sciences space. He is also an Executive in Residence at Duke University’s Department of Computer Science and a co-founder at Twin Sails Technology Group, having delivered one of the first Meaningful Use-certified electronic health record systems for hospitals that runs completely off the iPad. Spanning a two-decade career in enterprise IT, Dr. Quan held multiple executive leadership roles at IBM, including Engineering VP for IBM’s public cloud infrastructure as well as Director of the IBM Tivoli China Development Laboratory in Beijing and Shanghai. As CTO for IBM High Performance On Demand Solutions, Dr. Quan led IBM’s first cloud computing initiative, culminating in a partnership with Google, the US National Science Foundation, and major universities including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon in 2007 to support Apache Hadoop-based Big Data research and classroom instruction. He has a number of patents in the area of enterprise transaction processing and has also published dozens of research papers in leading conferences in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Bioinformatics, and Semantic Web. Dr. Quan holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT as well as bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry, also from MIT.  

Substantial experience with all aspects of Enterprise IT. Advised multinational banks, insurance companies, telcos, universities, government agencies, and hospitals on four continents on Hybrid Cloud strategy. Drove due diligence and integration of multiple acquisitions. 4+ years as a business owner and chief architect of mobile hospital electronic health records app. 7+ years’ experience in emerging markets building local relationships and driving technology transfers. Managed 400+ engineer and market management teams doing soup-to-nuts product development, basic research, IP protection, and services delivery. Able to drive maximum productivity out of technology teams across all skill levels and minimize costly architectural/security/scalability blunders leveraging personal experience of having written half a million lines of in-production code on Linux, Windows, Java, and iOS platforms. Able to bridge chasm between healthcare and IT domains due to deep knowledge on clinical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, billing-related, and regulatory compliance-focused healthcare processes.

Instafor LLC

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You have to be keenly aware of who's collecting that data [about you], not just because you are worried about the various uses of that data; people stealing your identity or what not, but also human errors and inaccuracies are also a big problem

James Sargent

Managing Partner

RQR Partners

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Patients today believe that google is a doctor; they believe they control their own destiny..

Developing a sustainable global health care strategy - where to place our bets?

Unfortunately these [digital] health records don't provide as much benefit as you would expect. Health care providers and practitioners are doing what they can to get some value out of it, but the overhead data entry often outweighs the benefits of actually having the data in the system

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I'm suprised when I see the development of options for hand held devices seems to be moving with to high emphasis and focus. Not necessarily a "dead end", but ...

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[looking for] Better treatments with longer lifespans, Just because you invented something useful, they key component is: "who will pay for it"?

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