Med-Tech Planet: Mapping Medical Device Startups Across The Globe

The US accounts for 77% of global medical device deal share while Israel and the United Kingdom are tied for second.

Global funding to private medical device companies rose in 2016, reaching nearly $4B in 2016 across 479 deals. The United States receives a lot of attention when it comes to funding medical device startups, but private companies around the world are raising significant rounds.

For example, this year has seen rounds to Atlas Genetics in the United Kingdom, MedLumics in Spain, and Breath Therapeutics in Germany. In addition, Israel, one of the most active hubs of medical device activity, saw medical technology giant Becton Dickinson take a $250M corporate majority stake in Caesarea Medical Electronics, a manufacturer of infusion and syringe pump systems.

Below, we used CB Insights data to track funding and deal flow to companies operating in the US and internationally. We also created a map showcasing the top 3 most well-funded medical device startups in countries with at least 10 private medical device companies. Scroll down to see the map and a full list of startups included in the graphic.

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