Modern, individualized minimal surgery, body enhancements, materials and hopes for the future

Panel discussion followed by Q&A by the Audience.

17th-18th June, Stavanger


Peter Stegmaier

Dr. and Serial Entrepreneur in MedTech (chip implants, ophthalmic sensors and treatments, etc.) and other sectors. Chairman and Member of Boards.

Dr. Peter Stegmaier holds a Ph.D. in Robotics from ETHZ and granted Patents in various fields of application.
Peter’s medtech background includes artificial ventilation (Zurich University Hospital), RFID implants (Datamars), and ophthalmologic implants (Oculox). Peter has held various technical and commercial management positions in a number of high-tech companies and is a serial entepreneur. He currently serves as Chairman, Member of several Boards, and Private Investor.

Oculox, CreaLinQ, etc.

Norbert Windhab

Dr. And Vice President Strategic Projects in Health Care

Dr. Norbert Windhab is heading the function Strategic Projects at Evonik Business Line Health Care since 2009. He entered Degussa AG, now Evonik Industries in 2005 to initiate preclinical and clinical programs in nutraceutical product innovation and novel functional drug delivery excipients. Before, he was R&D head “Bioorganic Systems” at Aventis R&T from 1998 until 2001 and spun out the JV from Aventis SA with Nanogen Inc., CA, in the field of DNA-based diagnostics and drug-research as its founder and Managing Director. In 1996 he was R&D manager chip-diagnostics at Hoechst AG’s R&T.
In 1994 he joined Albert Eschenmoser’s laboratories (ETH-Zürich/ Scripps Institute, La Jolla CA) for post-doctoral research. He obtained his PhD in Biophysical Chemistry at Freiburg University in 1993 in the synthesis and bio-physical properties of bio-polymers and RNA model compounds. He holds board-memberships in the BIOSS excellence centre of the German Government and the Max Planck Institute of Plant Breeding (Genetics) in Cologne and CAESAR in Bonn and was member of the biotech venture fund Polytechnos II until 2005.
His work focusses in the fields of life-science growth options and supra-molecular chemistry, he holds numerous patents in peptide and nucleic acid actives chemistry, drug R&D and drug-delivery.

Evonik Industries AG

Yves Bayon

Senior Principal Scientist & Medtronic Technical Fellow for Medtronic – Sofradim Production

Senior Senior Scientist and Medtronic Technical Fellow for Medtronic – Sofradim Production (Trévoux, France) ,Yves Bayon is an alumnus of INSA Lyon, Engineer in Biochemistry, and holds a Master II in Pharmacology from the University René Descartes Paris, a PhD in Biochemistry from INSA Lyon and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at IAE Lyon.

With Sofradim Production, since 2000, he has held various missions, including the implementation of the porcine collagen manufacturing line and the development of collagen-based medical devices for the repair or regeneration of soft tissues (eg Parietex ™ Composite mesh and its derivatives). Its missions have expanded more recently since the company went under Medtronic’s banner from Feb 2015, with cross-functional activities with Medtronic’s historical divisions, in internal consulting roles. He has several missions in the external European ecosystem, among them, co-organizer of Academia – Industry symposia for ESB & TERMIS-EU, GTech member of Lyonbiopole, a French cluster of Medtech & Pharma stakeholders, in region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, an expert of Healthtech Translation Advisory Board (formerly Nanomed Translation Advisory Board) and scientific advisor of European start-ups.


Matti Mäntysalo

Professor, DSc.

Matti Mäntysalo is a Professor of electronics materials and manufacturing with the Tampere University. His current research interests include printed electronics materials, sensors, and especially stretchable electronics applications in healthcare applications (e.g. wearable electronics in patient monitoring).

Tampere University

Heike Walles

Professor, Head of dept.

Heike Walles was recently admitted Department Head at the University of Magdeburg after having founded and established the Bavarian center “Regenerative Therapies in oncology and musculoskelettal diseases` at Fraunhofer Würzburg. She has over 15 years of experience in project management, tissue engineering, vascularization and cell biology and is main contractor in 5 projects funded by the EU and 8 projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and over 10 project funded by international pharma or biotech companies including multicenter GMP ATMP – living cellular product therapies – and implants. She has several years of experience in the development of research protocols for complex vascularized human tissues as well as experience in the setup and conduction of clinical trials, animal models, material selection, immunology and cancer disease as well as safety tissue models. This expertise is documented in over 137 peer-reviews articles.

University of Magdeburg

Relevant issues/questions:

Modern, individualized minimal surgery

Minimal pain

Materials and hopes for the future...

Visionary Ideas

Health care sector large multinationals demographic trends

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