Personalised Health - only for rich patients in big cities ?

Panel discussion followed by Q&A the Audience.

17th-18th June, Stavanger


Steinar Thoresen

Medical Director

2013- Medical Director AbbVie Norway
2013-2017 Head R&D Group The Pharma Trade Org Norway
2006-2013 Head of Clinical Research, Medical Director Norway Denmark and Iceland GlaxoSmithKline
1999-2013 Professor ll University of Bergen
1992-2006 Head National Cervical- and Breast-Cancer Screening, The Cancer Registry of Norway
1990-1991 Visiting scientist Harvard Medical School, Boston
1985-1990 Head of Registration, The Cancer Registry of Norway
1979-1984 Pathologist PhD Haukeland University Hospital
2016- Board member Bergen Biomedical
2017- Head OCC Election Committee


Henrik Lund


Henrik Lund has a PhD in lipidology, post-doctoral training at UCSF, San Francisco, US. Henrik Lund served 10 years as Medical Director in AstraZeneca with leadership roles in drug development. 2005-2010 Vice President in AstraZeneca Clinical Development, overseeing global clinical trials. From 2010 CEO, Board positions in Norwegian biotechs, 2008-2018 in the Board/Chairman, Oslo Cancer Cluster, NCE. From 2014, CEO of Regenics AS, involved in tissue regeneration/wound treatment. 2017 EU Commision H2020 RIA expert.

Regenics AS

Relevant issues/questions:

How can personalised medicine be affordable?

ATMPs (point of care...)

Will old fashion and inefficient treatment be phased out?

Only for rich people in big cities?

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