Scale-Up Session 18th June 2019

5 minutes to pitch - 5 minute Q&A

And, if chosen, pitch for:

Lilian Wikstrøm,

CEO, Karolinska Institutet Innovation AB

James Sargent ,

Managing partner, RQR Partners

Heiko von der Leyen,

MD, Head of the coordination center for clinical studies, Hannover Clinical Trial Center

Markus Dietrich, PhD,

Hadean Ventures

Heinrich Zimmmermann,

Director Strategy, mediq Innovation Experts

Lilian Wikstrøm, CEO

Heinrich Zimmmermann, Director Strategy, mediq Innovation Experts

James Sargent,
Managing partner

Markus Dietrich, PhD

Heiko von der Leyen MD, Head of the coordination center for clinical studies

Information and requirements:

Abstract Submission Deadline is 31st May

The abstracts will be reviewed by the members of the Investor Panel who will select the companies to give an oral presentation in the 37 ºC Venture Session. Ten finalists will be selected to present in front of the Investor Panel and the audience.

Questions to be answered in the abstract:

  • Investment Rational
    Briefly describe the company’s technology or therapeutic focus. The market opportunity, progress made to date, key partnerships or joint ventures, and management strengths. How much capital is needed and where this will get the company to. Also explain your plan of future investment rounds if necessary.
  • Medical or commercial need
    Explain the medical/commercial problem and what solutions do currently exist. Why are they not good enough?
  • Core Technology
    What is your core technology , how does it improve currently used procedures. For medical devices also explain how they fit into the workflow currently employed by clinicians or other users. What is the IP situation?
  • Product Profile/Pipeline
    Describe companies’ product/pipelines, current status and market potential. Discuss milestones, potential collaboration and partnership.
  • Development plan
    Explain what has been achieved to date and how you will develop the product including plans for R&D (Preclinical / Clinical trials), the current team and the financial plan.