Speakers 2019

Henrik Lund


Henrik Lund has a PhD in lipidology, post-doctoral training at UCSF, San Francisco, US. Henrik Lund served 10 years as Medical Director in AstraZeneca with leadership roles in drug development. 2005-2010 Vice President in AstraZeneca Clinical Development, overseeing global clinical trials. From 2010 CEO, Board positions in Norwegian biotechs, 2008-2018 in the Board/Chairman, Oslo Cancer Cluster, NCE. From 2014, CEO of Regenics AS, involved in tissue regeneration/wound treatment. 2017 EU Commision H2020 RIA expert.

Regenics AS

Kathrine Myhre


Kathrine Myhre established the health cluster Norway Health Tech (previously named Oslo Medtech) in 2009 and has since then been the CEO of the organization. Norway Health Tech was awarded NCE (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) by Innovation Norway’s cluster program in 2015 and received Gold Label-status by the European cluster organization in 2016 and is a non-for-profit member organization focusing on innovation in the health space.
She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oslo in political science and built on this for her Master degree in Political Science from the University of Reading, UK in 2001. She then went on to working with innovation strategies and business creation based on novel research from the University of Oslo (UiO) until 2008 – from 2004 until 2008 as the Director of Innovation at Birkeland Innovation (now Inven2), the technology transfer office at University of Oslo.
From 2008 she held the position as Director of Innovation at the company IT Fornebu. It was from this position the concept of Norway Health Tech was formed and launched in 2009.
Kathrine Myhre has initiated and led numerous strategic and innovative processes and projects, within a broad spectrum: conduction of creative processes, market analysis, business creation, handling of IPR, marketing and sales and facilitating financing of key projects and businesses.
Kathrine Myhre has over the years built a solid network in the health sector, nationally and globally, and is a renowned speaker in the field of health innovation and technology.

Norway Health Tech


Bent Høie

Norwegian Minister

The Minister of Health and Care is responsible for hospitals, health services in the municipalities, general health care and mental health.

Norwegian ministry of health and Care services


Christine Sagen Helgø


Christine Sagen Helgø has been the mayor of Stavanger since the regional election of October 17th, 2011. Sagen Helgø represents the Conservative Party of Norway, Høyre. She has seen almost 18 years of Stavanger’s politics. Christine Sagen Helgø has been a member of the City Council in Stavanger from 1999, group leader for the Conservative Party from 2003-2011 and head of the municipal committee for urban development in Stavanger from 2007-2011. Sagen Helgø is also the president of the World Energy Cities group for the 2014-2016 term.

Stavanger Municipality

Rami Efrati

Former Head of the Civilian Division, INCB

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Efrati has served in the Israel Defense
Forces for more than twenty-eight years. He
commanded numerous prestigious operational and
technological positions in Military Intelligence and received
the Creative Thinking Award from the Director of Military
Mr. Rami Efrati, is an expert in Cyber Strategic Methods and
has many years of experience in anti-terrorism and
Intelligence technology. Mr. Efrati is one of the founding
members and former Head the Civilian Division of the Israel National Cyber
Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office. In this capacity, he raised Israel to a

leading position in the civilian aspects of global cyber-security, brought multi-
national companies to open cyber R&D centers in Israel. Mr. Efrati has

leveraged the existential cyber-threat to Israel, into a unique business
opportunity encouraging the development of a large cyber ecosystem
supporting hundreds of new cyber related startups.

Mr. Efrati is currently involved in international level strategic projects for cyber-
security and innovation. Until recently, Mr. Efrati was a founder and President

of Firmitas Cyber Solutions – focusing on providing a unique technological
approach for the security of mission-critical infrastructure sector & Industrial
Internet of Things.
Mr. Efrati has over 20 years of civilian experience and has been involved in
entrepreneurial activities with both start-up and established companies in the
Cyber-Security, High Tech and Bio-Technology sectors.
Mr. Efrati is an Associate in the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism
(ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzelia (IDC), a place he shares his
unique experience in the cyber terror world. Mr. Efrati is also a guest expert
and lecturer in the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and a Senior
Cyber Fellow in Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and
Security in Tel-Aviv University.
Mr. Efrati is an advisory board member at Securonix – an industry-leading
platform for security analytics that provides advanced monitoring and threat
detection capabilities.
Mr. Efrati is serving the community as Past District Governor of Lions Clubs in

Prime Minister’s Office

Erik M. Hansen


Master in Computer Science from the University of Bergen. Researcher / research manager at Christian Michelsen Research 1983 – 1994, Director of ICT at Haukeland University Hospital 1994 – 2004 and CEO of Helse Vest IKT AS from 2004. Board member of Nasjonal IKT HF from 2014 and head of product management board for helsenorge.no from 2018.

Helse Vest IKT AS

Daniëlle Keulards

MD, PhD-candidate, fellow cardiology Department of Cardiology

Research Profile

Daniëlle Keulards is a cardiologist in training at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. She is currently working a PhD at the TU/e department of Biomedical Engineering, research group Cardiovascular Biomechanics. The research is focused on invasive absolute flow and resistance measurements and intracoronary physiology. Together with Prof Dr Nico Pijls, Catharina Hospital Eindhoven, and Dr Marcel van ‘t Veer we apply this relative new research method in several different pathologies; patients with myocardial infarction, microvascular dysfunction and occluded vessels.

Academic Background

Daniëlle Keulards studied at the Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences where she obtained a MSc in science and medical degree in 2013. In 2014 she started working as a cardiologist in training in the Catharina Hospital. In 2018 she paused this fellowship to work on a PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology, department of Biomedical Engineering

Catharina Hospital Eindhoven

Espen Holte

MD, PhD Senior Cardiology Consultant

St. Olavs hospital

Martin Kristensson

Senior Vice President

Martin Kristensson is Senior Vice President, responsible for sales in Europe, leading the EU based sales team. He received his M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 2011, specializing in Signal and Model-based Diagnostics, combined with Image Diagnostics and Radiation Physics. In 2014, he became a certified Project Manager.


Together with his team, he coordinated the development of Visiopharms clinical products, and the change management processes used to implement the tools in the daily clinical routine across Denmark. In close collaboration with colleagues and customers, he continues to investigate new applications of image analysis within pathology, pursuing new ways of offering standardized high-quality data and diagnosis.

The group’s research is devoted to diminishing patient suffering from over –and undertreatment by developing better diagnostics for treatment decision making. The development, validation and implementation of new biomarkers is the main focus of our research. Among the candidate biomarkers microRNA is one group that is currently under investigation; all biomarkers are analysed by using image analysis tools and digital pathology to improve current diagnostics in pathology. Breast cancer, melanomas, gynaecological pre –and cancer and urological cancer are the main diseases which we investigate.


Dennis Quan

PhD, Principal

Dr. Dennis Quan is Principal at Instafor LLC, helping companies and entrepreneurs to apply machine learning and enterprise software design practices in the healthcare/life sciences space. He is also an Executive in Residence at Duke University’s Department of Computer Science and a co-founder at Twin Sails Technology Group, having delivered one of the first Meaningful Use-certified electronic health record systems for hospitals that runs completely off the iPad. Spanning a two-decade career in enterprise IT, Dr. Quan held multiple executive leadership roles at IBM, including Engineering VP for IBM’s public cloud infrastructure as well as Director of the IBM Tivoli China Development Laboratory in Beijing and Shanghai. As CTO for IBM High Performance On Demand Solutions, Dr. Quan led IBM’s first cloud computing initiative, culminating in a partnership with Google, the US National Science Foundation, and major universities including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon in 2007 to support Apache Hadoop-based Big Data research and classroom instruction. He has a number of patents in the area of enterprise transaction processing and has also published dozens of research papers in leading conferences in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Bioinformatics, and Semantic Web. Dr. Quan holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT as well as bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry, also from MIT.  

Substantial experience with all aspects of Enterprise IT. Advised multinational banks, insurance companies, telcos, universities, government agencies, and hospitals on four continents on Hybrid Cloud strategy. Drove due diligence and integration of multiple acquisitions. 4+ years as a business owner and chief architect of mobile hospital electronic health records app. 7+ years’ experience in emerging markets building local relationships and driving technology transfers. Managed 400+ engineer and market management teams doing soup-to-nuts product development, basic research, IP protection, and services delivery. Able to drive maximum productivity out of technology teams across all skill levels and minimize costly architectural/security/scalability blunders leveraging personal experience of having written half a million lines of in-production code on Linux, Windows, Java, and iOS platforms. Able to bridge chasm between healthcare and IT domains due to deep knowledge on clinical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, billing-related, and regulatory compliance-focused healthcare processes.

Instafor LLC

Richa Wilson

Global lead, digital health and neuroscience, Roche Personalized Health Care Pharma Partnering

Richa Wilson is the global lead for digital health and neuroscience in Roche’s Digital and
Personalized Health Care Pharma Partnering at Hoffman-La Roche. Her role is to identify and
develop new strategic partnership opportunities at the nexus of technology and healthcare.
Richa’s passion is to digitise healthcare to improve patient outcomes, and engage patients and
consumers in their health.
Richa joined Roche in 2012 in the Diagnostics division of Roche. Prior to joining Roche, Richa
served in leadership roles in strategy and partnering for start-up biotech companies, venture, the
public sector, and pharma. During her career, she has led many strategic partnerships and
Richa has a background in science, business and law. She is a registered patent agent and
received her MS from the University of Hawaii, PhD from Rutgers University, and MBA from
Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.


Sander J. Tufte

Director Industry and Technology

Sander has held various executive positions in international sales and marketing and business
development within the life science industry. He was Marketing Director at Axis-Shield ASA (now
Abbott) within their IVD Point of Care business. Prior to this he worked for Dynal Biotech (now
Thermo Fisher), PhotoCure and AstraZeneca.
From 2005-2010 Sander headed up the Norwegian trade council, Innovation Norway, in Boston,
Mass., helping Norwegian biotechs and medtechs with access to market and risk capital, and
partnering strategies. Currently he works as a Director with the Research Council of Norway in charge
of a portfolio important funding schemes for research and innovation in industry including the R&D
tax incentive scheme SkatteFUNN, Innovation Projects and Regional Research Funds.
Sander holds a BSc Honours graduate from University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland majoring in
Biotechnology. He also holds an MSc in Financial studies from Strathclyde Business School and an
MBA from Warwick Business School in England.

Research Council of Norway

Bjørn Klem

Managing Director

Bjørn Klem did his cand pharm at Olso University in 1984, taking on R&D procjects in Norwegian biotechs. Through his latest assignment Bjørn was hands on development and partnering of oncology products in Photocure, now selling world wide. Today, Bjørn and his team in Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator is hosting >35 companies to create world leading ecosystem for commercialization of oncology projects. Because no patient is cured by research alone.

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Kjell Are Furnes


Ably Medical AS

Ole Geir Solberg


Ole Geir Solberg, MD, PhD
Ole Geir Solberg is an interventional cardiologist at Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet.
He graduated medical school in Oslo in 1984 and is a former specialist in Family Medicine.
After training in general internal medicine and general cardiology, he has served as
interventional cardiologist since 2009. His research has focused on coronary physiology in
the catheterization laboratories, primary microvascular function and dysfunction in different
clinical scenarios.

Oslo University Hospital – Rikshospitalet

Arne Peder Blix


Arne Peder is a former naval submariner and shipping industry executive turned serial tech entrepreneur with several successful exits, particularly within the SaaS fintech space.   As Co-Founder and CEO of Accurate Equity from ‘03-’13, Arne Peder was instrumental in building up a complex technology and professional services company within the financial sector which he sold to Montagu Private Equity in ‘15 (Equatex). This company was again sold to Computershare in 2018 for 419 MUSD.  Arne was also instrumental in turning around MeaWallet, another FinTech company – and successfully selling it to Seamless Distribution AB (SEAM:SS) in July ‘16. 


Arne is Co-Founder and CEO of Friend Software www.friendos.com  and has an active investor portfolio of 6 companies. Arne is mentor for several entrepreneurs, advisor for several companies within strategy, technology and equity-based incentives design.


Arne is a graduate from the Norwegian Naval Academy and holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) as well as a degree in maritime law.

Married, three young boys at 4, 8 and 10.

Friend OS

James Sargent

Managing Partner

RQR Partners

Heiko von der Leyen

MD, Head of the coordination center for clinical studies

Prof. Heiko von der Leyen, MD, is the head of the coordination center for clinical studies at Hannover
Medical School (HCTC-KKS). He was co-founder and managing director of Hannover Clinical Trial Center GmbH (HCTC) which was founded in 2005 as an academic Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to provide clinical trial management services and early product development support. HCTC GmbH recently was incorporated into Hannover Medical School. HCTC combines the clinical expertise and academic leadership of Hannover Medical School, a premier German university hospital, with the full-service operational capabilities of a contract research organisation (including project management, regulatory affairs, clinical monitoring, data management). Prof. von der Leyen was trained in Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, and Cardiology at University of Hamburg and Hannover Medical School. After 3 years of research at Stanford’s Falk Cardiovascular Research Center with focus on cardiovascular gene therapy he was appointed as junior faculty member at the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine of Stanford University from 1995 to 1996. From 1998 to 2005 Prof. von der Leyen served on several top management positions in the biotechnology industry with focus on the clinical development of
advanced therapy medicinal products (tissue engineering, gene therapy, DNA medicine). Prof. von der Leyen is currently the speaker of the board of the network of academic clinical research organizations in Germany (KKS-Network) and a member of the network committee of ECRIN-ERIC, a European clinical trial infrastructure organization.

Hannover Clinical Trial Center (HCTC)

Hans Tore Frydnes

Managing Director

Managing Director Stavanger University Hospital SUS 2023

Martin G. Friedrich

Dr. Med.

Senior Physician Heart Surgery, Senior Physician Thoracic Surgery, Head of Clinical Research and Development, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery; User Integration & Innovation Management; Development University Hospital, University Medical Center Goettingen, Georg-August-Universität

1990: Medical studies at the University of Göttingen and clinical research as a student in cardiac surgery; 1996: approbation as physician; 1996: Promotion in cardiac surgery; 1996-2011: assistant physician and specialist in the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the University Medical Center Göttingen; 2005: Specialist in cardiac surgery; 2008: Specialist for thoracic surgery; 2011: Senior Physician at the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the University Medical Center Göttingen; 2018: Certificate Medical Didactics; Main areas of research: organ protection and extracorporeal circulation, blood flow optimization, turbulence-free suction to maintain the integrity of the blood,Influencing surgical performance, communication systems in high-tech environment; therapeutic Light-Application; 2018: Head of clinical research and technical development and user integration & innovation management for Development University Hospital, University Medical Center Goettingen

Georg-August- Universität Göttingen

Steinar Thoresen

Head of Oncology Strategy, Nordics and Netherland

2013- Medical Director AbbVie Norway
2013-2017 Head R&D Group The Pharma Trade Org Norway
2006-2013 Head of Clinical Research, Medical Director Norway Denmark and Iceland GlaxoSmithKline
1999-2013 Professor ll University of Bergen
1992-2006 Head National Cervical- and Breast-Cancer Screening, The Cancer Registry of Norway
1990-1991 Visiting scientist Harvard Medical School, Boston
1985-1990 Head of Registration, The Cancer Registry of Norway
1979-1984 Pathologist PhD Haukeland University Hospital
2016- Board member Bergen Biomedical
2017- Head OCC Election Committee


Markus Dietrich


Markus Dietrich is Investment Analyst at Hadean Ventures, a pan-European life-science venture fund
based in Oslo. Hadean Ventures invests into start-up companies, which develop patient focused
healthcare products across all relevant technologies including devices, drugs, diagnostics and e-health
with a strong focus on clinical efficacy.
His academic background as PhD in oncology provides him with a good understanding of the field. He
has worked with scientific and business development in start-up companies and invested in a variety of
early stage companies across various sectors.
Markus holds a PhD with a focus in Oncology from the University of Oslo and a Master of Science in
Molecular Medicine from NTNU Trondheim.

Hadean Ventures

Vibeke Juliebø

MD,PhD, Interventional Cardiologist

Akershus University Hospital

Peter Alberius

PhD, Head of International Business Development

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

Lilian Wikström

Chief Executive Officer

Karolinska Institutet Innovation AB

Alf Inge Larsen

MD, PhD, Professor

Head of interventional cardiology Stavanger University Hospital and University of Bergen

Johan Svanerud

CEO and Founder


Roar Johanssen (TBC)

MD.,Subject Matter Expert Global Markets - Cognitive Solutions Unit Industry Platforms


Kjersti Engan


Kjersti Engan holds a (B.E.) degree in electrical engineering from Bergen University College in 1994 and the Siv.Ing. (M.Sc.) and Dr.Ing. (Ph.D.) degrees in 1996 and 2000 respectively, both in electrical engineering from the University of Stavanger, Norway. She is currently working as a professor with the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Stavanger (UiS), Norway. She is also a part of the Biomedical data analysis group at UiS. Engan’s research interests are signal and image processing, particularly Biomedical signal and image processing, analysis and classification. She is involved in several projects in collaboration with the local hospital and local companies in areas as; analysis, classification and segmentation in Cardiac MR on infarct patients, Brain MRI on dementia patients, analysis and classification on ECG of cardiac arrest patients, analysis and classification on ECG and ventilation signals of newborns, and real time estimation of compression quality during CPR using smartphone.

University of Stavanger

Thomas Anglero (TBC)

Director of innovation

Thomas Anglero is an experienced and extraordinary speaker with a unique talent of blending his decades of IT knowledge with his passionate for story-telling into an experience that captivates clients
and audiences. Thomas has over 25 years of IT experience, founded 2 startups, a podcast, a blog and is currently writing a book on artificial intelligence.

Mr. Anglero is the Director of Innovation at IBM Norway and is renowned for his powerful and motivating style and his famous TEDx Talk (Don’t fear technology, fear yourself). Thomas has presented
to thousands of executives worldwide and consistently evaluated as the best-speaker.
Mr. Anglero is a Puerto Rican/American lives in Oslo, Norway. Thomas is a level-2 FIBA certified champion basketball coach with 10+ years of championship coaching experience.


Heike Walles

Professor, Head of dept.

Heike Walles was recently admitted Department Head at the University of Magdeburg after having founded and established the Bavarian center “Regenerative Therapies in oncology and musculoskelettal diseases` at Fraunhofer Würzburg. She has over 15 years of experience in project management, tissue engineering, vascularization and cell biology and is main contractor in 5 projects funded by the EU and 8 projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and over 10 project funded by international pharma or biotech companies including multicenter GMP ATMP – living cellular product therapies – and implants. She has several years of experience in the development of research protocols for complex vascularized human tissues as well as experience in the setup and conduction of clinical trials, animal models, material selection, immunology and cancer disease as well as safety tissue models. This expertise is documented in over 137 peer-reviews articles.

University of Magdeburg

Peter Stegmaier

Dr. and Serial Entrepreneur in MedTech (chip implants, ophthalmic sensors and treatments, etc.) and other sectors. Chairman and Member of Boards.

Dr. Peter Stegmaier holds a Ph.D. in Robotics from ETHZ and granted Patents in various fields of application.
Peter’s medtech background includes artificial ventilation (Zurich University Hospital), RFID implants (Datamars), and ophthalmologic implants (Oculox). Peter has held various technical and commercial management positions in a number of high-tech companies and is a serial entepreneur. He currently serves as Chairman, Member of several Boards, and Private Investor.

Oculox, CreaLinQ, etc.

Yves Bayon

Senior Principal Scientist & Medtronic Technical Fellow for Medtronic – Sofradim Production

Senior Senior Scientist and Medtronic Technical Fellow for Medtronic – Sofradim Production (Trévoux, France) ,Yves Bayon is an alumnus of INSA Lyon, Engineer in Biochemistry, and holds a Master II in Pharmacology from the University René Descartes Paris, a PhD in Biochemistry from INSA Lyon and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at IAE Lyon.

With Sofradim Production, since 2000, he has held various missions, including the implementation of the porcine collagen manufacturing line and the development of collagen-based medical devices for the repair or regeneration of soft tissues (eg Parietex ™ Composite mesh and its derivatives). Its missions have expanded more recently since the company went under Medtronic’s banner from Feb 2015, with cross-functional activities with Medtronic’s historical divisions, in internal consulting roles. He has several missions in the external European ecosystem, among them, co-organizer of Academia – Industry symposia for ESB & TERMIS-EU, GTech member of Lyonbiopole, a French cluster of Medtech & Pharma stakeholders, in region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, an expert of Healthtech Translation Advisory Board (formerly Nanomed Translation Advisory Board) and scientific advisor of European start-ups.


Matti Mäntysalo

Professor, DSc.

Matti Mäntysalo is a Professor of electronics materials and manufacturing with the Tampere University. His current research interests include printed electronics materials, sensors, and especially stretchable electronics applications in healthcare applications (e.g. wearable electronics in patient monitoring).

Tampere University

Norbert Windhab

Dr. And Vice President Strategic Projects in Health Care

Dr. Norbert Windhab is heading the function Strategic Projects at Evonik Business Line Health Care since 2009. He entered Degussa AG, now Evonik Industries in 2005 to initiate preclinical and clinical programs in nutraceutical product innovation and novel functional drug delivery excipients. Before, he was R&D head “Bioorganic Systems” at Aventis R&T from 1998 until 2001 and spun out the JV from Aventis SA with Nanogen Inc., CA, in the field of DNA-based diagnostics and drug-research as its founder and Managing Director. In 1996 he was R&D manager chip-diagnostics at Hoechst AG’s R&T.
In 1994 he joined Albert Eschenmoser’s laboratories (ETH-Zürich/ Scripps Institute, La Jolla CA) for post-doctoral research. He obtained his PhD in Biophysical Chemistry at Freiburg University in 1993 in the synthesis and bio-physical properties of bio-polymers and RNA model compounds. He holds board-memberships in the BIOSS excellence centre of the German Government and the Max Planck Institute of Plant Breeding (Genetics) in Cologne and CAESAR in Bonn and was member of the biotech venture fund Polytechnos II until 2005.
His work focusses in the fields of life-science growth options and supra-molecular chemistry, he holds numerous patents in peptide and nucleic acid actives chemistry, drug R&D and drug-delivery.

Evonik Industries AG

Naeem Zahid

MD, PhD, Senior Business Developer

Naeem Zahid is a business developer at Telenor. He works with digitalization of work processes at hospital to increase efficiencies and reduce burden for patients.

Trained as a surgeon, PhD in public health and MBA, he has hands on experience with delivering both healthcare and developing new solutions.

His main interests are new technologies such as 5G and AI.


Anita Moe Larsen

Head Of Communication

Norway Health Tech

Inge Hovd Gangås

Investment Director

Inge Hovd Gangås is an Investment Director with SINTEF Venture, the venture capital arm of the SINTEF Foundation. The SINTEF Foundation is one of the largest independent research institutes in Europe with 2 000 employees from 75 nations performing contract research for Norwegian and international industry. SINTEF Venture invests in deep tech start-ups from SINTEF, NTNU and other Norwegian research institutes. He has worked with technology transfer and early stage technology start-ups for more than 15 years as investor, founder and in CEO and COO capacity for more mature start-ups. He holds a MSc in Materials Science from NTNU and an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Sintef TTO / Sintef Ventures

Karl Martin Lind

Co-Founder & CEO


Espen Holte

MD, PhD Senior Cardiology Consultant

St. Olavs hospital

Jim Sargent

Managing Partner

RQR Partners

Jan Wende

CEO and founder

Mediq Innovation Experts

Charlotte Sæland


Stavanger University Hospital

Kathinka Dæhli Kurz

MD, PhD, Senior Consultant Radiologist, Head of Research group Radiology

Kathinka Dæhli Kurz, MD, PhD is a neuroradiologist at Stavanger University Hospital with a professor

II professor position in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the

University of Stavanger (UiS), Norway. She graduated medical school in Freiburg, Germany in 2000.

She has worked at Radiological Departments in Sørlandet Sykehus, Norway, the University Hospital in

Düsseldorf, Germany and since 2006 in as senior consultant at Stavanger University Hospital. Her

research has focused on visualization of information not visible to the naked eye in dynamic imaging

in MRI of breast cancer, CT perfusion and MR imaging in acute cerebral stroke.

Stavanger University HospitalProf. II University of Stavanger

Heinrich Zimmermann

Director Strategy

Heinrich Zimmermann is leading the strategy practice at mediq Innovation Experts. He has successfully worked with many international startups and VC firms in the area of business strategy, financial planning, and capital raising.

Before working with mediq Innovation Experts, Heinrich was working as a strategist in digital and design agencies. Heinrich is the cofounder and former partner of the Institute for New Communication, an award-winning think tank and design lab at a leading design university in Germany.

Heinrich holds a masters degree in design from the University of Art and Design HfG Offenbach.

Director Strategy, mediq Innovation Experts

Ronald Borra


Ronald Borra, MD, PhD works as an Innovative Imaging Expert at Groningen University Medical Center, the Netherlands and also acts as consulting Chief Medical Officer for Cercare-Medical – a spin-out of Aarhus University, Denmark, specializing in the development of innovative imaging biomarkers and AI-based postprocessing workflows.

He has previously worked at the Turku University Hospital in Finland and Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA. His research in the field of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine focuses on developing novel and clinically relevant imaging acquisition and post-processing methods for MRI and PET, with core expertise the field of MR perfusion imaging and hybrid PET/MRI approaches.

He has published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals, is involved in the supervision of 12 PhD thesis works and frequently lectures in the field of Medical Physics and AI

CerCare Medical

Arne Hansson Rannestad

General Manager

37 °C Health Tech

Ole Paulsen


HeadRoom Lifesciences AS