#37degreesConference – IMATIS Fundamentum 6 – Lightweight ICT platform and ecosystem is released

Announcing upgraded #IMATIS Lightweight ICT system and Ecosystem with more than 250 web applications. The Lightweight ICT system offers the customers in the hospital, municipality and private citizen a wide range of application and solutions. The system provides applications for clinical use, support services, logistics, messaging, alarm, tasks management, queue- and patient flow management, data insights, key performance dashboards and performance metrics, solution for patient engagement, sensors, remote monitoring and much more. We’ve packed the healthcare ecosystem with new features and experiences for #Patients, #Doctors, Nurses, Service staff, Clinical staff and Administrative staff. You can now use your PC, Mac, tablet, iPad or Smart Phone to run any application from the ecosystem.

The IMATIS Lightweight ICT platform and ecosystem provides an open and secured environment for digitalizing healthcare. It effectively integrates and interconnects data and knowledge from a global and diverse network of healthcare stakeholders. The platform includes new tools for users to develop HTML5 and JavaScript applications, without writing code. Staff can build their own functionalities and make instant use of the applications right out of their personal or role-based devices. The new IMATIS version 6.0. runs from Cloud or can be installed on premises.

With the IMATIS Lightweight ICT platform and ecosystem the company visions to foster innovation and collaboration across the healthcare space.

Imatis has open API and integrates already to several international key vendors in the space. This includes HER and HIS vendors as Cerner, DXC, DIPS, Allscripts, and Others. The platform also integrates to PACS/RIS and lab stakeholders by using HL7 or FHIR. We also integrate alarm and nurse call from Ascom, Best, Merlon, Hill-Rom, Rauland. In the building and facility area we integrate Honeywell, Service Works Global, Johnson and Johnson, ABB, Siemens with others.

Imatis is a “game changer” that provides real-time experience of decision support in an innovative and user-friendly way. The Company is out of Norway with subsidiaries and Partners worldwide. Imatis solutions has a Cisco validated design, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and the Lightweight IMATIS Fundamentum solutions is Azure ready.

The New Østfold Hospital in Norway is the only EMRAN 6 (HIMSS) certified hospital in Nordic, they use the IMATIS Lightweight platform and several apps on smart phone, tablets, patient self service kiosk, signage screens, electronic whiteboards etc. The Helse Vest Region in Norway is currently implementing the plattform, and will go live shortly. St. Olavs Hospital og Oslo Municipality is currently live with the new version. Several contracts for upgrades is already signed, so stay tuned for updated information.

Hear the CEO of IMATIS during #37DegreesLifeScience Conference 2018! Join us there!

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/imatis-fundamentum-6-lightweight-ict-platform-morten-andresen/



37 °C Life science Conference and Exhibition 2018: Meet the Speakers!

Technology & Business Conference & Exhibition 37C Life Science
Register and get to know our esteemed speakers.
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At the 37C Life Science 2018, to be held on 19 and 20 of June, national and international opinion leaders on digitalising health themes will discuss the main solutions to issues raised by the revolution underway in the sector.
You can now explore the conference topics and get to know the preliminary speakers.

We’re counting on you to be there!

Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to meet these experts.
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Christine Sagen Helgø Jon H. Kaspersen Frode Forland Henrik Lund MD, PhD. Bent Høie
Mayor of Stavanger Research Director, SINTEF and Co-Chair of 37 °C in 2018 MD, DPH, Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health CEO Regenics AS, VP Clinical Development MC AstraZeneca 2005-2010, Chairmann Oslo Cancer Cluster, NCE, 2008-2018, and Co-Chair of 37 °C in 2018 The Minister of Health and Care
Finn Holm Dan Shwarzman Emiel Janssen Marita Rodriguez Kathrine Myhre
Partner EY CEO, MindUP, the Digital Health Incubator PhD Stavanger University Hospital Ph.D. Biomedical Scientist and Engineer CEO Norway Health Tech
Thor Ole Gulsrud Richard F. Cowburn Rupert Osborn Jacob Bergsland Jens Nordahl
Research Director, MedTech at International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS) and Associate Professor in Health Technology at the University of Stavanger PhD, Responsible Corporate Affairs,Karolinska Institut CEO IP Pragmatics Limited MD, PhD Oslo University Hospital Vice President Sales & Marketing for Smartfish AS 
Alexander Wentzel Walter Stockinger Enrico Baraldi Ingrid Teigland Thomas Lindner
SINTEF Indutry, Dept. of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures, pan-European life-science venture fund based in Oslo Prof. Industrial Engineering & Management, Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University MD MBA  Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures MD, PhD, Director RAKOS (Regional Competence Centre for Emergency Medicine)
 37⁰C Life Science
Technology & Conference & Exhibition 
Nieves Cubo Mateo Saara Malkamäki Stavanger Forum, Norway Rajji Mehdwan Sjur Svaboe
Spanish National Research Council UCM/CSIC Specialist, Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund) June 19-20 2018 General Manager for Roche Pharmaceuticals in Norway CEO Biolink Group
Norbert Windhab Jan F. Nygård Steinar Thoresen Egil Greve
Vice President Strategic Projects, Evonik Business Line Health Care CIO, Department of Registry Informatics at the Cancer Registry of Norway MEET THE SPEAKERS Medical Director Abbvie CEO Kappa bioscience, Vitamin K-2
Anne Lise Waal Laurent M. Saunier Tamara Mansfeld Thorleif Jansen Einar Leirvik
CEO/CTO Attensi Head of Life Science department, VINNOVA Global Innovation Lead, Pfizer Corporate Strategy M.D. ,Medical Director,KRY DNV GL, Marine Cybernetics Advisory
Erling Nordbø Josep Carbó Bjarte Bøe Suzy Scholl Kirsten Haugland
Managing Partner, Aleap Alginate and Carrageenan R&D Manger, Managing Director FMC BioPolymer AS Head of welfare technology Coordinator of the RAIDs consortium (Rational Molecular Assessment Innovative Drug selection) and senior consultant in translational research for gynaecological cancers Head of the Research and Prevention Department at the Norwegian Cancer Society
Arne Blix Michael Gelinsky Sebastian Eckl Eulalie Landèche Gard Thomassen
CEO, Friend Software Corporation Prof. Dr., Professor and Head of Center for Translational Bone, Joint and Soft Tissue Research Dr. Med, Siemens Healthineers, Residency in Radiology and Neuroradiology, Enterprise Services R&D Scientist, Novadiscovery, pionner in in silico medecin (Lyon, France) Division Head for Research Computing Services, and Assistant Director at USIT
Joakim Sundnes Oliver Heinze Umair Aslam Morten L. Isaksen Trond Helgerud
Associate Professor and Chief Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway Acting director of the Department of Medical Information Systems of the University Hospital Heidelberg eHealth Lead, MSD Norway CEO, Bio-Me Alginate and Carrageenan R&D Manger, Managing Director FMC BioPolymer AS

37°C Life Science Business Conference and Expo: Sponsorship Opportunities


These companies are already part of the event.
What about  you?
It is our pleasure and honor to present the second edition of 37°C taking place 19-20 June 2018.
The headline for 37 °C in 2018 is Digitalising health. In addition to plenary sessions there will be parallel sessions on Digitalising healthcare, Digitalisation in biotech, a Venture Session and Workshops on specific topics including nutrition. 37 ºC has a carefully crafted program, a stimulating exhibition, B2B meetings and venture session. The Norwegian Minister of Health will open the conference. Among the highlights is a lecture by Erik Halvorsen, Director at Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx), as well as distinguished panels on the following topics:
  • silico medicine
  • digital technology bridging hospitals with the home
  • precision medicine
  • Norwegian health registries
  • the hospital of the future
  • incentives for commercialisation of research results

The 2018 programme also includes a venture session and workshops on topics such as “food as medicine”.

We are looking forward to see you at 37°C in June! Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of this major event!

For more information, please contact:
Arne Hansson Rannestad,  General Manager, 
Cell: +47 940 10 236,
Hege Kristin Mellemstrand,
Project Manager,
Cell: +47 913 89 668,


Organizing Partners


About the connection between cancer and antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance will ‘hit the bones’ of all the advances we have made in cancer treatment, says Secretary General Anne Lise Ryel on the Cancer Cancer Society’s blog . World Health Organization has determined that we are faced with a worldwide crisis that requires a comprehensive effort that the authorities can not solve solely. The ambition in the Jeløya platform is clear: Norway will be a global driver for coordinated efforts against antibiotic resistance. In Roche, our research teams work hard with the next generation of antibiotics – and also to create new and better diagnostic tests. We must learn to do things differently and we must all be flexible. Industry, health authorities and other actors. The learning curve will be steep. But work is absolutely necessary, as Rajji Mehdwan , managing director of Roche Norway, points out in this chronicle.

Antibiotic resistance is a topic in 37 Life science Conference program – last session, Day 2.

The company Roche is one of the sponsors of the event. Register now!


Antibiotikaresistens vil slå beina under alle de fremskrittene vi har gjort innenfor kreftbehandling, skriver generalsekretær Anne Lise Ryel på bloggen til Kreftforeningen (Norwegian Cancer Society). World Health Organization har fastslått at vi står overfor en verdensomspennende krise som krever en omfattende innsats som myndighetene ikke kan løse alene. Ambisjonen i Jeløya-plattformen er klar: Norge skal være en global pådriver for koordinert arbeid mot antibiotikaresistens. I Roche jobber våre forskerteam hardt med neste generasjon antibiotika – og også for å skape nye og bedre diagnostiske tester. Vi må lære å gjøre ting annerledes, og vi må alle være smidige. Industrien, helsemyndighetene og andre aktører. Læringskurven vil være bratt. Men arbeidet er helt nødvendig, slik Rajji Mehdwan, administerende direktør i Roche Norge, påpeker i denne kronikken.


The connection between cancer and antibiotic resistance.jpeg



37 °C Conference & Exhibition 2018, Stavanger, Norway: Venture session



Oral Presentation during Investor Panel at 37 ºC Event

Companies raising capital will also have the opportunity to apply for the Venture Session. The Venture Session will take place on June 19th at 15:00. The Venture Session will be open to all participants. Companies will have 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for Q&A by the Investor Panel and the audience.

Deadline for submission31st May.

Investor Panel:

  • Walter Stockinger, MS, PhD / Managing Partner at Hadean Ventures
  • Asaf Iram / Managing Partner at GlenRock Group
  • Farzad Abdi-Dezfuli, PhD (Pharmacol) / Partner in Sarsia Seed Management AS
  • Dan Shwarzman / CEO of MindUP Digital Health Incubator
  • Martin Klint Hansen / Director, Novo Nordisk​
  • Investinor / N.N.
  • Martin Svangtun / Chairman, Online Logistics AS (Investor Panel Coordinator)

How to participate:

Companies are kindly requested to submit an abstract. To fill in the abstract, please use the submit button below.

Further details and abstract submission instructions online: https://37degreescelsius.net/venture-session/.

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37 °C Conference & Exhibition 2018, Stavanger, Norway: Start Networking!



When: 19-20th June 2018
Where: Stavanger Forum, Norway

Start Networking & Pre-Schedule Meetings before the Conference

The international participants at 37 ºC represent the global life science community, who are eager and ready to explore and engage in business opportunities. 

Our free of charge online software enables the pre-scheduling and management of  meetings, and also enables you to profile yourself in a way that will attract potential partners and investors. Click here to Start Networking!

37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition is the ideal venue to meet with life science companies, and to seek new partners, investors and professional services.

Networking is the most cost-effective method of generating new business. The conference affords the perfect opportunity to meet life science companies and investors under one roof. Arrange meetings with colleagues around the corner and around the world, maximizing your ROI.  

Please note that only participants who have registered to the Conference will be permitted access to the networking system.


 For more information, please contact:

 Arne Hansson Rannestad, General Manager
 tel.: +47 940 10 236, e-mail: arne@exceller.no
imageedit_90_5097880359 Attractive hotel rates have been negotiated at the Clarion Hotel Energy, which is located ca 300 meters from the Conference Venue, which is ca 4,5 km from the charming and picturesque city center of Stavanger. You may book your hotel HERE.

This is a great opportunity to explore the Fjords in the region, which are easily reachable. For more information on our website,


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Poster Presentations during 37 ºC Event


Poster Presentations submission
 37 ºC Life science Conference and Exhibition

We invite you to submit an abstract to our Poster Session, which will be an integrated part of the exhibition.
Deadline for submission
April 15th
Notification of acceptanceMay 15th
We are accepting posters that fall within the scope of the listed topics:

  • Digital health interfaces
  • Advanced disease modeling and drug discovery
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Clinical and biomedical informatics
  • Digitally enabled biomedical engineering
  • Infectious disease management
  • Nutrition and functional food
 Silver Partners


Further details and abstract submission instructions online:
In Cooperation with:


Investors #Pre-event #37 °C 2018


The #PRE-EVENT for investors and startups took place on 6 March 2018, at Stavanger Forum. Among the participants were several family offices and professional investors from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and #Stavanger.

Susanne Stuffers, MD, PhD, Equity Research Analyst at Arctic Securities AS, gave a brilliant introduction to investing in biotech and healthcare technology companies.

Erling Nordbø, CEO of Aleap, explained how they are developing an investor network for early stage investments.

Erlend Skagseth, Managing Partner at Sarsia Seed Management, presented their portfolio.

Some selected early stage companies gave presentations and answered questions: Remote Health International AS, Anzyz Technologies AS, Som Sagt AS, bitYoga AS, iNANOD AS and MicroA.

The purpose of the Pre-Event was to focus attention on 37 °C Life Science Technology event, taking place from 19 – 20 June 2018 at the Stavanger Forum in Norway, in order to mobilize more investors into the life science space and to facilitate matchmaking between investors & companies.

Arne Hansson Rannestad, General Manager of 37 ºC #Life Science Technology #Conference & #Exhibition, briefly presented the program which was well received by the audience.