Welcome to 37 ºC

It is our pleasure and honour to invite you to the first edition of 37 ºC – Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition, to be held on June 6th – 7th, 2017 in Stavanger Forum, Norway.

We are excited to introduce you to 37 ºC where we will explore and aim to accelerate the innovations and trends that are shaping the future of healthcare systems and life sciences.

In 2017 we will explore future opportunities within the following topics:

– Immuno oncology
– Digital health, big data and personalised medicine
– Robotics
– Emergency medicine – early intervention
– Startup pitches
– How to invest in life science and how to succeed as CEO in life science tech companies

The Nordic life science sector has more than 20 clusters, and holds some of the world’s most innovative and promising projects in its pipeline. Norwegian capital – traditionally channeled into the oil and gas industry – is increasingly seeking opportunities in the rapidly growing life science sector. Value creation in the Norwegian life science industry doubled over ten years, reaching 50 billion NOK in 2014, and continues to grow rapidly. Seven of ten companies have launched new products during the last three years, and report 30% of revenues from these very products.

37 ºC presents a unique occasion for participating in discussions, product demonstrations and networking, all paving the way for new business collaborations.

Early stage companies and startups can meet international partners and investors. Investors can get new deal-flow, fresh market updates and meet new co-investors. Industrial players, hospitals and care providers can develop relations, meet startup companies and access new talent. Academia and researchers will have the opportunity to expose their projects and access potential investors for further research. Furthermore, 37 ºC is an ideal opportunity for high level political discussions.

We look forward to your active participation and support at the 37 ºC Life Science Technology Conference & Exhibition, to be held June 6-7, 2017 in Stavanger Forum, Norway.

Stavanger is a small Global City with 170 nationalities represented. Located in a region with stunning scenery, clean air and fresh water.

Stavanger is an international energy hub. Most of the major international operating companies have offices in Stavanger; ExxonMobil, Total, BP, Shell and several others. One of the world’s largest energy conference takes place in Stavanger: The ONS with 90,000 visitors in 2014, down to 60,000 in 2016.

The surplus wealth produced by Norwegian petroleum income is deposited in The Government Pension Fund Global (previously The Petroleum Fund of Norway).

Norway’s financial strength could play an important role in strengthening the Nordic life science industry. Norwegian investors and capital has its experience mainly from petroleum, real estate, fisheries and shipping. There is currently a growing interest for life science and health technology.

Since oil and gas was discovered offshore Norway in 1969, the country has seen the development of an innovative high-tech industry that exports technology and services worldwide, resulting in revenues equivalent to an impressive 10-15% of the value of the oil and gas itself. The global business networks, the technological competence and the capital management all represent resources with the potential to boost the Nordic life science industry.

The University of Stavanger is internationally recognised for its programs in petroleum engineering.The University has 10.700 students and some 1400 faculty, administration and service staff.


I consider a man to be right, who is in partnership with the future.

Quote by Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian author believed to be the most played dramatist in the world after Shakespeare. He is known for great works such as Peer Gynt, Emperor and Galilean (Kejser og Galilæer), and Ghosts (Gengangere).

Best regards from Norway,

Ruti Alon, International Co-Chair

Masha Strømme, Nordic Co-Chair

Sigurd M. Paulsen, Nordic Co-Chair